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Thursday, May 30, 2013

[SUPPORT] COMEBLAQ 2013 Streaming Ticket Donation

Reposted: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

mblaqwithusa is joining in to inform you as part of the efforts for MBLAQ’s 2013 comeblaq!
MBLAQ is preparing for come back after an entire year.
Korean fans have already started receiving their bulk buy orders and we were hoping the international A+s to join us.
Our current estimated comeblaq date is June 2013 and judging from the fact that J.Tune Camp is gathering fans to monitor the new album, the comeblaq will be in the first few weeks of June.

We hope lot of international A+s can also take part in our support project.
1. Music Chart Grading System
2. Donation and its purpose
3. International Streaming

1. Music Chart Grading System
There has been lot of changes in the ranking systems of music shows during the year MBLAQ went without any album promotion.
Ingigayo (Popular Song) terminated their chart ranking but they have announced that the ranking service will come back coming March 17th
The ranking of their chart will be through viewers’ votes which will be collected through mobile application of SBS ‘SOTY’ before the show.
(*We will find out if international fans can also vote through the app)
And MBC “music core” In addition, in April announced the Resurrection Music Ranking.
Details on the ranking will be announced separately.

M Countdown
Digital Song Sale 50%
Album Sale 10%
Preference according to age 20%
Global Voting 5%
Broadcasting Scores 10%
sms 5%

Music Bank
Digital Chart Scores
(Digital Song+Mobile : Ringtone and backtone for mobile phones) 65%
View preference 10%
Album Sale Chart 5%
Broadcasting Scores 20%

2. Donation and its Purpose
Paypal : Korean Account: 농협(Agricultural Cooperation Unit) 356-0520-0635-43 정ㅎㅇ
# Minimum Donation Amount : 1,000won (about $1 USD)
(Non-members can also participate)
(Sorry, we can only accept donation through paypal or directly through the Korean account)

# Donation Confirmation →
Category – DONATION – Click
Name of Donor / Amount sent / Date money sent

Donation will be used to buy the streaming tickets for the music charts and buying mp3 files of the songs
(which affects the digital chart ranking greatly)
Any money left over from the digital charts will be used to increase the album sale

The percentage of each ranking charts for digital chart ranks are 50% & 65% and the
Percentage of each ranking charts for album sale ranks are 10% & 5%

These two scores are the fastest and most famous way to increase the ranking of the charts of music programs.
Any albums purchased through donation money will be donated to non-profit organizations or charity groups like always.
We ask for your interest and participation.

If you have questions or comments, please use the Q&A board at

Monday, May 27, 2013



Hello A+rmy! This is a roll call for all International A+s (IA+)!

As you are all aware by now, MBLAQ comeback album “SEXY BEAT” is scheduled to be released next week on the 4th of June!

The support of A+ this time around is even more important and valuable, many eyes will be both on MBLAQ and A+ as a fandom. We will have to present and manage ourselves (remember: manners, manners & manners) accordingly in the next few weeks.

This is where we, in the COMEBLA+Q project, which consists of an international union of over 30 of MBLAQ’s fan bases around the world, will need your help and support. Please join us in supporting their promotional activities and in helping MBLAQ make their upcoming album a success.

MBLAQ will be back on the 4th of June with the release of their 5th mini-album ‘Sexy Beat’, so this is what you’ll need to work on before and during promotions!
Please take time to read through carefully:

1. TWITTER TRENDING: We will, from now on, be using the #COMEBLAQSmokyGirl hashtag to help promote and accumulate digital points for Music shows on which MBLAQ will be promoting on, through Twitter. It must be noted that the main and most effective worldwide trending events will probably be the days of the album release (4th June), the music video release and during the Comeback stages of the music shows MBLAQ HAS TO WIN!
**** We remind you that SOME MUSIC SHOWS TAKE INTO ACCOUNT SNS ACTIVITY (Twitter, Youtube, others) so trending worldwide during their performances is a MUST for A+!
NOTE: In order for the trending to work effectively, everyone must trend ONLY ONE hashtag (#COMEBLAQSmokyGirl).

2. BULK BUYING OF ALBUMS: As previously stated, we are progressing with the bulk buying of ‘Sexy Beat’ 5th mini-album through KA+ so please, GO HERE! To find and contact your local fanbase and place your order with them!
-The deadline to place orders to the KA+ is 4th June KST, no later! As such Fanbases will be collecting A+’s money and orders before this deadline.
-Bulk buy orders will NOT be purchased right after the album release.
-The Album bought through the ‘bulk buy’ DOES NOT contain posters.
-Prices may vary from country to country due to shipping fees.

3. DONATION PROJECT: KA+ are holding a donation project to purchase mp3s and stream passes in order to increase digital points (The percentage for digital chart ranks are 50%~75% depending on the music show). PLEASE donate through your local fanbase or you can do it yourself by sending it directly to KA+! Go here for more information:
*** REMEMBER: Any little thing will help, so please do DONATE, it’s very important!

4. SEARCHING: Please search for MBLAQ on the Korean music sites and portals it also counts towards digital charts and it’s FREE!
We have made an easy tutorial of how to do this:

5. VOTING: In order to be able to vote for M!Countdown (MNET) & Show! Champion (MelOn), please sign up for MNET (tutorial: and for MelOn (tutorial:

6. FOOD PROJECT: This project, first official collective project as an International union of MBLAQ’s fan bases, is to motivate our boys who may not have enough time to take care of themselves properly whilst going through a hectic schedule. For more information, please go here: & DONATE NOW!

7. MINI-ALBUM PRE-ORDER THROUGH KOREAN SITES: If you are not able to buy it through your fanbase (which we strongly support) due to external problems here you have a tutorial to do order it:
Pre-order is already open on:
- DVDHeaven ( -
KPOPTown (
-YesAsia (

*** NOTE:
-We strongly recommend buy bulk is in your possibilities, anyway THIS WAY HELPS A LOT TOO.
-You can choose if you want your album without poster, with folder poster or poster in tube.
-If you will purchase it in other site, make sure it counts towards HANTEO CHART.

8. VOTING ON CAFE DAUM: You have to vote on MBLAQ’s Official Café Daum ( once per day. You only have to click the pretty pink button like this: Let’s KEEP MBLAQ at #1!

9. SIGNING UP TO CAFE DAUM: Sign up for MBLAQ’s Official Fan Café! Tutorials here: Check out our wordpress to learn how to upgrade and how to navigate around MBLAQ’s fan café!

10. More information will be posted and updated soon! 
[IMPORTANTE: DEBE SER LEÍDO!] Hola Ejército A+ (A+rmada)! Estamos pasando lista a todas las A+s Internacionales (IA+)!

Como todos ustedes saben, ¡el álbum del regreso de MBLAQ ‘Sexy Beat’ está programado para ser lanzado la próxima semana el 4 de Junio!

El apoyo de l@s A+ ahora será aún más importante y valioso, muchos ojos estarán en MBLAQ y en el fandom A+. Tenemos que presentarnos y manejarnos (recuerden: modales, modales & modales) en las siguientes semanas.

Esto es donde nosotras, en el proyecto de COMEBLA+Q, que consiste en la unión internacional de más de 30 fanbases de MBLAQ alrededor del mundo, necesitara tu ayuda y apoyo. Por favor únete a nosotras en apoyarlos durante sus actividades promocionales y en ayudarlos a hacer su álbum venidero un éxito.

MBLAQ estará de regreso el 4 de Junio con el lanzamiento de su 5to mini-album ‘Sexy Beat’; asi esto es en lo que debes trabajar antes y durante promociones!

Por favor, tomate el tiempo en leerlo cuidadosamente:

1.TWITTER TREND: Todos, de ahora en adelante, usaremos el hashtag #COMEBLAQSmokyGirl para ayudarlos a promocionar y acumular puntos digitales en los programas musicales en los cuales MBLAQ estará promocionando, a través de twitter. Tomen en cuenta que el trend mundial principal y efectivo se hará probablemente durante los días del lanzamiento del álbum (4th de Junio), el lanzamiento del Video Musical (MV) y durante los regreso a escenario (Comeback stage) de los programas de música. ¡MBLAQ TIENE QUE GANAR!
**** Les recordamos que algunos PROGRAMAS MUSICALES TOMAN EN CUENTA LA ACTIVIDAD DE LAS REDES SOCIALES (Twitter, Youtube, otros) así que hacer trend mundial es un deber de A+!
NOTA: Para que el trend funcione, todos debemos usar un solo hashtag (#COMEBLAQSmokyGirl)

2.COMPRA MASIVA DE ALBUMS: Como se dijo anteriormente, estamos progresando con la compra masiva de los ‘Sexy Beat’ a través de las KA+ así que por favor, ¡VE AQUÍ! Para encontrar y contactar a tu fanbase local y ordena con ellos!

-La fecha límite para presentar las órdenes a las KA+ es el 4 de Junio KST, ¡no más! Entonces fanbases estarán recolectando el dinero y ordenes de A+s antes de la fecha límite.
-Las ordenes vía compra masiva NO serán compradas ni bien el álbum sea lanzado.
-El Álbum comprado vía compra masiva NO contiene póster.
-Los precios pueden variar de país a país debido a los gastos de envió.

3.PROYECTO DE DONACIÓN: Las KA+ están aceptando donaciones para comprar mp3s y pases stream para incrementar puntos digitales (El porcentaje de las tablas digitales son del 50%~75% dependiendo del programa musical). POR FAVOR dona a través de tu fanbase local o puedes hacerlo por ti mismo enviándolo directamente a las KA+!
Ve aquí para más información:
*** Recuerda: toda pequeña cosa ayudará, así que DONA ¡Es muy importante!

4. BÚSQUEDAS: Por favor busca por MBLAQ en los sitios coreanos musicales y portales, esto también cuenta en tablas digitales y ¡es GRATIS!
Hemos hecho un tutorial muy fácil de cómo hacerlo:

5. VOTACIONES: Para poder votar en for M!Countdown (MNET) & Show! Champion (MelOn), por favor regístrate en MNET (tutorial: y en MelOn (tutorial:

6. PROYECTO DE COMIDA: Este proyecto, primer proyecto colectivo oficial como unión internacional de las fanbases de MBLAQ, es para motivar a nuestros hombres quienes no tienen suficiente tiempo para cuidarse correctamente con sus ocupadas y tediosas agendas.
Para más información, por favor ve aquí: & ¡DONA AHORA!

7. PRE-ORDEN A TRAVÉS DE SITIOS COREANOS: Si no puedes comprarlo a través de tu fanbase (que es lo que recomendamos) por problemas externos aquí tienes un tutorial de como ordenar el álbum: Pre-orden ya está abierta en
- DVDHeaven (
-KPOPTown (
-YesAsia (

-Nosotras recomendamos compra masiva si está en tus posibilidades, de cualquier modo, ESTA FORMA AYUDA BASTANTE TAMBIÉN.
-Puedes escoger si quieres el álbum sin póster, con póster doblado o el póster en tubo.
-Si compras en otros sitios, asegúrate que cuenta en HANTEO.

8. VOTA EN CAFÉ DAUM: Tienes que votar en el Café Daum oficial de MBLAQ ( una vez al día. Solo tienes que darle click al bonito botón rosado así MANTENGAMOS A MBLAQ en #1!

9. REGISTRATE EN EL CAFÉ DAUM: Regístrate en el Café Daum oficial de MBLAQ Tutoriales aquí
Revisa nuestro wordpress para aprender como subir de nivel y como navegar en el Fan Café de MBLAQ!

10. ¡Más información será publicada y actualizada pronto.

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