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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

130626 [NEWS] MBLAQ′s Lee Joon Explains He′s Not In a Relationship with 4minute′s Hyuna

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Lee Joon cleared up rumors that tied him and 4minute′s Hyuna together.

The singer spoke up on the June 25 broadcast of SBS′ Hwashin.

When asked about his rumors with Hyuna, Lee Joon said, "Is it okay to say the real names like this? I know about this rumor too."

MC Bong Tae Gyu added to the question, "There are rumors that some people saw you close together with Hyuna on a plane. Your agencies said you were filming the music video for Bubble Pop, but the music video didn′t have any scenes on a plane."

Lee Joon answered, "It is true I sat with Hyuna on the plane. It would′ve been weird to sit separately when we′re friends."

Lee Hyori said, "I always sit separately. Even if the business area is empty, I almost always sit separately because it′s uncomfortable [to sit close]."

"Hyuna was having a hard time during the shoot," Lee Joon explained. "I comforted her and had a meal with her. I think the flight attendant who saw us taking a photo together mistook it to be a show of affection. Hyuna is just a friend."

130626 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Used to Follow Fin.K.L Around as a Fanboy

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Before he was a star, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was a big fan of Fin.K.L.

Lee Joon appeared as guest on SBS’ Incarnation, aired on June 25, where he was asked if he was close with 2NE1’s Sandara Park, CL, or Lee Hyori, who used to be the leader of Fin.K.L.

Although he admitted he’s not really friends, Lee Joon shyly pointed to Lee Hyori saying, “I really liked Fin.K.L.”
Seeing how nervous he was, Lee Hyori joked, asking if he was scared of her, but Lee Joon shook his head, explaining. “I used to follow Fin.K.L around on promotions and stuff, so my feelings right now are so weird.”

When Lee Joon said he used to go watch Fin.K.L perform around Forever days, Sandara Park piped up, asking Lee Joon if he ever saw her around, revealing that she was also a Fin.Kl fan. 

“Who knew this could ever happen,” said Lee Joon, on working side-by-side with Lee Hyori. 

He later added that when he was in junior high school, he even had a dream where he and Lee Hyori went to play at the beach. 

"It made me really happy," said Lee Joon. "I used to like Sung Yuri the best, but after that, Lee Hyori became number one."

130626 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Has Never Dated a Celebrity

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Although he’s been in plenty of scandals with idol girl group members, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon says he’s never dated a celebrity. 

On June 25, Lee Joon appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, explaining and clearing up dating rumors. He then explained that he just can’t date any celebrities. 

When asked how he feels when he sees his fellow idol group members dating each other, Lee Joon says he can’t date because of that. 

“I can’t say who they are, but idol A dates idol B, and then all of the sudden, A dates C and B dates D – it’s not the animal kingdom!” said Lee Joon, explaining the limit to dating within the industry. 

“What if this girl group idol that I liked dated my best friend, and then I dated that female idol without knowing? Then the relationship between all three of us could get really awkward.”

Kim Hee Sun then asked how many celebrities he’s dated, and Lee Joon answered none, despite many dating rumors. 

“I really haven’t dated. If I did, I’m the kind of kid that will get caught because I would want to brag and go public about it,” said Lee Joon, drawing laughter. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

130625 [NEWS] Lee Joon refutes all rumors of dating HyunA

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Lee Joon refuted all rumors of him dating HyunA on the June 25 episode of SBS' 'Incarnation'.

After the pair filmed HyunA's music video for "Bubble Pop" together, rumors had spread that the pair were dating. 

To accusations that the pair were being especially touchy while together in an airplane, Lee Joon explained, "It's true that we sat next to each other on the plane coming back after we filmed the MV. But it would be weirder to sit apart after we got close filming the MV. But I think the stewardess mistook what happened after watching us take a selca together."

He added, "It's true that we're close, but we're definitely not dating. She's way too young."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

130615 [NEWS] Lee Joon returns as a bizarre 'black swan' in front of Miranda Kerr on 'SNL Korea'

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MBLAQ's Lee Joon gave fans what they've been asking for by returning as a 'black swan', this time, in front of the ever so lovely Miranda Kerr!

On the June 15 episode of 'SNL Korea', Lee Joon made his grand entrance in a skin-tight leotard and impressed Miranda Kerr with his ballet performance. But that good impression lasted for only a few seconds as Lee Joon started crowing like some kind of ferocious bird, scaring off the supermodel. 

Luckily for Miranda, her prince charming, Lee Bum Soo dressed up as Legolas, came to stop the madness by shooting Lee Joon in the butt with an arrow! Check out the hilarious cut below.

130615 [NEWS] Lee Joon wanted to marry H.O.T's Moon Hee Jun when he was younger?

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As strange as it sounds, MBLAQ's Lee Joon revealed that there was a time he wanted to marry Moon Hee Jun of the legendary idol group H.O.T.

On the June 15th episode of 'Immortal Song 2', Lee Joon shared that he was a huge fan of H.O.T back in the day. Host Shin Dong Yup commented, "I heard that Lee Joon dreamed of marrying Moon Hee Jun in the past, and he even asked for sincere advice from his parents." 

The MBLAQ member explained, "I really liked him. It could happen if you really like someone. I decided to marry him during H.O.T's 'Line Up' promotions in 1998. They were at their peak at that time."

Moon Hee Jun responded, "If MBLAQ wins first today, I'll marry him," making everyone laugh. Unfortunately, Lee Joon's dreams didn't come true.

Check out H.O.T's "Line Up" performance below to see what stole 10-year-old Lee Joon's heart.

Friday, June 14, 2013

130614 [NEWS] What does Lee Joon want to do if he's born again as a woman?

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Everyone has something they would want to try out if they were ever born as the other gender, and Lee Joon offered his 4D response bringing laughs as usual!

The 14th's episode of KBS 2TV's 'Full House' touched upon the topic of being reborn as the opposite gender. So just what was Lee Joon's response? 

Well, he said, "When I saw the movie 'Piranha', I saw a scene where about 80 women wearing bikinis come out. They looked so pretty as they played beach volleyball together like that, and I thought, 'I want to try that, too,''"revealing his secret desire to play on the beach in a bikini!

MC Lee Kyung Kyu didn't exactly agree with him on the dressing in a bikinipart, but he was interested in watching this movie with 80 women in bikinis as he asked, "Can you tell me the exact title of this movie again?", bringing laughs on set.

So what about you? If you could be reborn as the opposite gender, what would you want to do?

130614 [NEWS] Lee Joon to wear a full-body leotard for 'SNL Korea' with Miranda Kerr

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Lee Joon donned a full-body leotard for his 'SNL Korea' skit with Miranda Kerr

The pair pulled off an 'SNL-Project Runway' skit, where Lee Joon was getting examined by Miranda Kerr. This should be familiar with fans as Lee Joon had played the 'Black Swan' before when MBLAQ previously appeared on 'SNL Korea'. 

Even though he was fine when the cameras were rolling, it was a different story when the cameras were off as he was seen hiding his body while smiling shyly.

But it's been reported that Lee Joon and Miranda Kerr worked perfectly well together, and Lee Joon even gave Miranda Kerr a signed album of 'Sexy Beat'. Miranda Kerr was elated by the gift, looking through the entire album before placing it safely in her purse.

Lee Joon said, "I received a call at night on the 12th (to appear on SNL). I came here right after pre-recording 'M! Countdown'. I'm not even tired. I was so happy and anticipating the whole time".

The episode will air on the 15th, so keep your eyes out for it!

130614 [NEWS] Where does Lee Joon want to go when he enlists in the army?

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With so many celebrities facing problems in the army, and with others being criticized for enlisting as a public worker or a celebrity recruit instead of as a normal soldier, MBLAQ's Lee Joon offered his own fresh opinion.

On the June 14 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Full House', Lee Joon said, "In terms of my physical examination, my ranking is the special 1st rank. I want to enlist somewhere good", meaning that he wished to enlist as a regular soldier due to his physical well being.

Often labeled as 'Rain's idol' even though Rain is no longer a part of J.Tune Camp, the MBLAQ members suffer from the image that they'll follow in his footsteps and enlist as a celebrity recruit, taking advantage of the perks and excessive breaks. However, his statement impressed many viewers, who encouraged his decision.

130613 [NEWS] Lee Joon thinks that men shouldn't be paying for everything on a date

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Lee Joon revealed men shouldn't be paying for everything on a date.

On the June 13 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3', the MCs asked him, "You're famous for being tight with your money, but are you frugal when having a girlfriend, as well?". Lee Joon answered, "No. When I'm in a relationship, I spend money."

However, he reminisced about his previous girlfriend, saying, "But both my girlfriend and I were students, so we would usually split the bill. For example, when we would go out for dinner and a movie, I'd pay for whatever activity was more expensive." When MC Park Myung Soo asked, "Didn't your girlfriend not want to pay sometimes?", he answered wisely, "We were in the same situation, as students who didn't make money. Making the guy pay for everything is being sexist."

130613 [NEWS] Lee Joon reveals MBLAQ's palate has expanded beyond kimchi fried rice

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Lee Joon revealed that MBLAQ's palate has expanded beyond just kimchi fried rice.

On the June 13th episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3', he revealed, "In the past, we complained that we lost our ability to taste because our meals were mainly limited to kimchi fried rice. But now we don't eat it anymore. After [we complained], the company decided to take a different route."

He explained, "The company pays for our food without a limit. Since they pay for our food, we eat food like crabs fermented in soy sauce that costs upwards of 60,000 KRW (approximately $53 USD). Even at night, we go to big restaurants."

The 'Happy Together 3' staff then revealed a paparazzi photo where Lee Joon was seen eating kimchi fried rice. He laughed and explained, "I think they wanted to take a picture of me with a woman, but I only hung out with the hyung in the photo. I think they gave up in the end and just settled for that picture. It's a really good picture. I was moving, and the picture came out really well. I'm thankful for the media outlet. They put it on a full page spread."

Thursday, June 13, 2013

130613 [NEWS] MBLAQ's Lee Joon prefers figure skater Kim Yuna over girl group members?

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MBLAQ's Lee Joon has joined the list of male celebrities who have a thing for figure skater Kim Yuna.

During the recent filming of KBS 2TV's 'Full House', Lee Joon was asked who's closest to his ideal type among girl group members.

Despite the many attractive female idols out there, he answered that he preferred the internationally famous Olympic athlete instead, saying, "I don't know about girl group members, but my ideal type is Kim Yuna. I like women with a sharp image. It's cool that she's maintaining her place at the top with unending persistence."

Comedian Park Ji Sun then tried to woo Lee Joon by giving him a sharp look, but failed to impress him. 

This episode of 'Full House' asked its guests whether or not they would be comfortable with their husbands going off on a vacation alone. Catch the full show on the 14th at 8:50PM KST!

130613 [NEWS] Lee Joon to return as a 'black swan' with Miranda Kerr on 'SNL Korea'

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MBLAQ's Lee Joon will be the next lucky guy to meet Miranda Kerr on 'SNL Korea'!

A representative revealed, "[Lee Joon, Lee Bum Soo, and Miranda Kerr] are currently filming a skit for 'SNL Korea'. Lee Joon will be in a skit similar to the 'Black Swan' corner that previously became a hot topic. He'll act out his embarrassment while donning skintight clothing in front of Miranda Kerr."

As mentioned earlier, Miranda Kerr appeared on 'SNL Korea' during her stop in the country. Actor Lee Bum Soo will also be the host for this upcoming episode.

Catch Lee Joon, Lee Bum Soo, and Miranda Kerr's hilarious chemistry together on Saturday at 11PM KST!

SeungholicWithout 5 I cannot breathe

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

130613 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Goes Dutch Even When Dating

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Known to be one of the stingiest idols in the Kpop industry, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon revealed that he’s all for Dutch pay, or paying separately, even when dating. 

Appearing on KBS’ Happy Together, Lee Joon shared that he wasn’t a stingy as people think he is. 

“When I’m dating, I spend money,” said Lee Joon. But then he added, “But [back then] my girlfriend and I were both students, so we used Dutch pay. But I usually paid for the more expensive meal or movie ticket.”

On the stereotype that men must pay for everything in Korea, MC Park Myung Soo asked if Lee Joon’s girlfriend tried to not pay.

“As students who were of the same status with no incoming salary, it’s sexist to make the men pay for everything,” said Lee Joon. 

While his statement was politically correct, it didn’t clear up his stinginess, as he revealed that he’s only spent 290,000 won for the MBLAQ members in the six years they’ve known each other. 

“It’s okay because all the members are from families with a lot,” said Lee Joon, making everyone laugh.

Lee Joon also shared his methods of saving money on during the show. 

The episode will air on June 13. 

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130612 [NEWS] Lee Joon Proves He’s Not a Scrooge + Talks About Oh Yeon Seo

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On June 10, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon appeared on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 2” and talked about his past “We Got Married” partner Oh Yeon Seo as well as refuting his Scrooge-like accusations.
MC Shindong asked Lee Joon, “Do you still keep in touch with Oh Yeon Seo?”
Then Lee Joon answered, “No, I don’t keep in touch with her,” and “At the time, I was filming a movie and since we stopped with ‘We Got Married,’ I was able to focus more on the movie. I think it was good that things ended.”
Previously, Oh Yeon Seo got involved in a dating scandal with Lee Jang Woo, which led the Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple to come to an end on “We Got Married.”
Lee Joon also disproved the accusations of him being a penny-pincher by sharing a story of how he bought $1,000 teddy bear.
He started by saying, “I recently bought a teddy bear and spent $1,000.”
He continued, “I relieve stress by sleeping but these days, I don’t feel refreshed even when I sleep. In the past, my fans gifted me with a teddy bear and when I slept with it, I slept really well,” as he explained the reason for his teddy bear purchase.
He added, “After buying that teddy bear, when I wake up in the morning, it feels like the bear is asking me if I slept well. I even have conversations with it.” Mir added, “The first thing that Lee Joon does when he goes home is to greet his teddy bear,” which made everyone laugh.
Meanwhile, during this episode, Mir and Thunder both talked about their thoughts on their older sisters, Go Eun Ah and Sandara Park, respectively.

Monday, June 10, 2013

130610 [NEWS] Lee Joon admits he and Oh Yeon Seo haven't kept in touch

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Lee Joon admitted that he hasn't really kept in touch with his former on-screen wife Oh Yeon Seo after their 'We Got Married' days.

Last year, Lee Joon had been an unintended victim when the Oh Yeon Seo-Lee Jang Woo scandal broke out, since he was the 'husband' of the actress on 'We Got Married' at the time. The on-screen couple ultimately stepped down from the show due to 'schedule issues', following a mysterious message Lee Joon wrote on his fancafe that left fans wondering if he was referring to his marriage on 'We Got Married.

On the 10th's episode of Mnet's 'Beatles Code 2', in reference to these past issues, Shindong asked him, "Did you get over the difficult situations? ". Lee Joon seemed a little confused at first, responding, "What? The difficult..situations?". Shindong continued, "You received a lot of pain". It was Mir who understood the reference first as he burst into laughter, and Lee Joon was only seconds behind, laughing himself.

Shindong asked, "Do you contact Oh Yeon Seo?", and Lee Joon stammered,"Uh..Well.. We don't really contact each other.

Shindong explained why he brought up the topic, stating, "Weren't you affected negatively by it?". Lee Joon looked a bit confused about how he should respond, murmuring, "Well, I guess in a way, yes..."

"So after all thatyou had to step down from the program," Shindong said. However, although the MCs might have thought the situation was 'difficult', Lee Joon revealed that the couple ending their run was actually good timing for him, as he stated, "But back then, I was filming my movie, so I think it ended at a good time as I was able to focus on my movie."

130910 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon reveals his love for teddy bears, 'I bulk bought 1,000,000 won worth of them'

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Idol group, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon revealed that he had once bulk bought 1,000,000 won worth of teddy bears.
On the recording for Mnet “Beatles Code’ which is set to be aired on June 10th, singer Park Hyegyeong who just made a comeback after 4 years and 5 MBLAQ members who recently started their new activities with the title song ‘Smoky Girl’ appeared together and showed off their talking skills.
Lee Joon said, “My stress reliever is sleeping, but these days even after sleeping I still didn’t feel refreshed. Then a fan gave me a teddy bear as a gift. I put it on my bed and thanks to it I could sleep soundly.”
He revealed, “After having that teddy bear by my side, I started feeling like it even asked me if I slept well last night and stuff, and that made me happy. So I spent a lot of money and made a large purchase of teddy bears”, surprising everyone.
To this, Mir added, “If you visit Lee Joon’s house, the first thing you have to do is to greet his teddy bears”, making the whole set burst out in laughters.
Meanwhile, on the online portal site’s real-time searching today, Mir’s zombie profile photo has become a hot topic after releaved on the show.

Friday, June 7, 2013

130607 [NEWS] Is 2PM′s Nichkhun Interested in Kim Yuna? (JOON & SEUNGHO MENTION)

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Speaking about their past relationships and ideal ladies, 2PM’s Nichkhun showed a bit of interest in gold medal figure skater, Kim Yuna. 

In a recent recording of MBC’s The Quiz to Change the World, 2PM and MBLAQ appeared as guests and began talking about their experiences in dating.
MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Seung Ho shared that they’ve dated women one year older than them, while 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nickhun respectively said they’ve dated women who were five and six years older than them. 

On the reason why, Taecyeon said that older woman are more financially stable. “When I was a trainee, I didn’t earn money, so nuna always took care of everything.” 

The talk of relationships eventually led the ideal types of these handsome idol stars. Lee Joon mentioned that he like a girl with sharp eyes without double eyelids, who also has a nice voice and body. 

For Nichkhun, he mentioned that he likes athletes. “I like athletes. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, but I like athletes like Kim Yuna.”

When asked if he knows Kim Yuna personally, he added, “I would like to know more about Kim Yuna,” making everyone in the studio look at him suspiciously. 

More on 2PM and MBLAQ’s relationships and ideal types will air on June 8.