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Monday, June 17, 2013

1306017 [NEWS] MBLAQ Mir’s Mom Exposes Chubby Childhood

Source: enewsworld
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Everyone has had baby fat at one point in their life, and MBLAQ Mir’s mom recently shared just how chubby and adorable Mir was during his childhood.

On the June 16 broadcast of Mamma Mia, Mir appeared with his mother, who is already well-known for having a hilarious personality. 

When MC Park Mi Sun asked if Mir was a chubby and quiet kid, Mir’s mom replied without missing a beat, “When he was young, Mir’s chest was bigger than Lee Young Ja’s.” 

She proceeded to show a childhood photo of Mir, where he appeared a lot chubbier than the Mir we see today, but still just as adorable. 

“He came out pretty skinny in this picture,” said Mir’s Mom. 

Meanwhile, Mir shared that his mom has never told him to study. “She suggested I go to play billiards, or go to the arcade,” said Mir. “She gave me 1,000 won and told me to stay at the arcade all day.”

Photo Credit: KBS

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

130611 [NEWS] MBLAQ's Thunder and Mir talk about their sisters' appearance

Source: allkpop
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MBLAQ's Mir and Thunder may both have older sisters in the entertainment industry, but the two of them have incredibly different outlooks on their sisters.

On the June 10 installment of 'Beatles Code 2', Thunder was asked if he thought his older sister, 2NE1's Dara, was pretty. He answered, "When I see her at home, I don't think she's that pretty. But when she's on stage with the others, I think she's really pretty." The MCs joked, "Are you saying the other female celebrities are ugly? Like Girls' Generation?". Thunder quickly corrected himself and stated, "I mean that since she's so pretty even among pretty people, I realize she's very pretty."

However, Mir thought the exact opposite! On his sister actress Go Eun Ah, he said, "My sister is the worst of the worst". When the MCs repeated what he said, he emphasized, "The worst of the worst of the worst! Even when my mother sees my sister at home, she says, 'There's a hobo over there'."

Still, Seungho chose Go Eun Ah as being closer to his ideal type, and Lee Joon said he'd pick Dara out of the two. As for G.O, he chose Dara because he saw Go Eun Ah and the rest of Mir's family too often.

130611 [NEWS] MBLAQ′s Mir is Forced to Change Scary Profile Image

Source: Enewsworld
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

MBLAQ′s Mir had to change the picture he had put up on his portal site profiles after it swept the web.

His picture, from the teaser for MBLAQ′s new single Smoky Girl, had gone viral after some netizens thought it was too scary with the color lenses.

A rep from J Tune Camp said about the new issue on June 10, "We′re surprised, but we believe [it went viral] thanks to the attention of the public. We changed the profile image to a photo that is to be included in the offline album to be released tomorrow. Please continue to show your interest in MBLAQ′s Mir onstage and in variety."

In the new photo, Mir holds up a milky snake, staring at the camera with his own dark eyes.

The offline version of MBLAQ′s Sexy Beat as been released on June 11.

Monday, June 10, 2013

130610 [NEWS] Mir compares his experience in the jungle on 'Laws of the Jungle' and in the army for 'Real Men'

Source: allkpop
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MBLAQ's Mir has been to extreme places. On 'Laws of the Jungle', he nearly drowned in the Amazon river, chewed crocodiles, and ate pieces of monkey brain. Shortly after, he appeared on 'Real Men', and on this program he got a chance to see what ROK Korean army training was really like.

As a guest on Mnet's 'Beatles Code 2', he was asked about his experiences on both shows. MC Yoo Sang Moo said, "Your face changed a little", and Mir joked, "It's rotting, right? As I promote more and more, my face deteriorates."

He added, "I've been to the jungle, and I've also been to the army. The jungle was difficult physically, and the army was difficult from a mental standpoint." The MCs teased, "But still, you get paid. Compared to the Amazon tribe members, you get paid a lot", and Mir admitted, "I went to both of them after I was paid", and then joked, "I was blinded by money".

130610 [NEWS] Thunder and Mir shares their sibling affection: 'My Noona, Sandara Park, Is Beautiful Even In The Midst Of Pretty People'

Source: Nate via MBLAQMSIA
Translation: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

Thunder, “Noona Sandara Park, Beautiful Among Celebrities”

MBLAQ‘s Thunder gives an honest remark about 2NE1′s Sandara Park.
On the broadcast of “Beatles Code” on June 10th, MBLAQ came as guest stars as they start their promotional activities for “Smoky Girl.”
Recently, Thunder lived in the same house as Sandara Park (T/N: Probably their family home. Dara and Thunder usually stay with their group members at their company residences while promoting) while doing his recordings. He said, “When she’s made-up and among other celebrities, I get impressed and think that my noona is very pretty, but I also thought that even at home (T/N: Probably he means even when she’s dressed simply and bare-faced), she’s still beautiful,” he revealed. He continued, “Even standing amongst pretty people, my noona still looks very beautiful,” he said, showing his pride for his sister, and boasting of their close friendship.
On the other hand, Mir said of older sister, actress Go Eun Ah, “My noona, Go Eun Ah, is really bad,” he said, “There was never a time that I thought she was pretty,” giving the words of how most siblings see each other.
After this, the MBLAQ members held an impromptu popularity poll for the twoMBLAQ noonas, Sandara Park and Go Eun Ah.
Meanwhile, Thunder and Mir‘s “Noona Love” can be seen on the broadcast of “Beatles Code 2” on the 10th, at 6:00PM.
T/N: On the screencap, the captions with Thunder says, “Pretty even among pretty people.”

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Source: Soompi
Reuploaded: KristinieC@mblaqwithusa

Recently on an online community, a photo was uploaded under the title “ZombieMir profile.”
In the picture, which is currently used as a profile photo on a portal site, is groupMBLAQ’s Mir looking disturbing. He is wearing pale makeup and contact lenses, and is staring at the camera with an empty expression on his face. Unlike his usual warm self, fans found Mir to look like a zombie in this picture.
Netizens that saw this profile photo commented, “I didn’t even realize this is Mir at first,” “I almost fainted when I saw this picture,” “He looks so scary… This is not the same person,” and “Wow.”
Meanwhile, Mir recently left MBC variety program “Real Men” due to MBLAQ’s comeback schedule.  

130609 [NEWS] MBLAQ's Mir tries to break chopsticks with his butt on 'Star King'

Source: allkpop
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

MBLAQ's Mir showed off his stamina or lack of thereof on 'Star King'!

During the 'campus king' special, Mir attempted to break 15 chopsticks in half with his butt. While MC Boom was getting him set up for the challenge, Mir seemed to be sweating bullets as he kept repeating, "It feels weird." 

Mir grabbed the pole and pushed with all of his strength to break the pile of wooden sticks. But he couldn't help to bring everyone to laughter as he kept trying and trying to no avail and eventually dropped to the floor in pain. 

Ouch! That's got to hurt! 
Mir was also involved in tons of other 'Star King' antics today.

Monday, June 3, 2013

130603 [NEWS] MBC's Sunday night variety shows climb their way up to the top of the ratings mountain (MIR)

Source: allkpop
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

MBC's Sunday variety shows is the true story of the underdog, because they managed to rise from last place all the way up to the top with their fresh shows!

'Dad, Where Are You Going?' and 'Real Men' raked in 13.3% of the viewers for the night, topping both SBS and KBS. It's the first time MBC's held the first place during the Sunday night variety shows in a very long time, but their revamp into fresh variety shows that showed a slice of real life really resonated with the viewers!

On the other hand, SBS' 'Running Man' and 'Barefoot Friends' dropped 2.1% from last week down to 9.3%, in a tie with KBS' 'Mamma Mia' and '1 Night 2 Days', which rose 1.2% up to 9.3%. 

130603 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir Feels Wistful About Leaving 'Real Man'

Source: Soompi
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa


On June 2, Mir tweeted, “Starting today, I have officially stepped down from all activities with ‘Real Man.’ I feel sad I couldn’t show a better image of army men while I was on the show, so for that I’m sorry. In case I do get a chance to return to the show, I would work harder and give it my all to show you a better side of myself. Please continue to give ‘Real Man’ your interest and root for the show~!!”
Mir is currently preparing for his comeback with MBLAQ and wrapped up his last appearance on ‘Real Man’ on June 2. Since Mir is an idol member, there were initially many concerns that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of a life of a man in the army. However, Mir was able to shake off those doubts and earn acknowledgement from viewers by showing diligence and earnestness.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

130603 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir Bids Farewell to ‘Real Man’

Source: enewsworld
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

 On June 2, Mir tweeted, “I have exited Real Man as of today..I should have done better and shown a more solider like image, but I couldn’t, so I’m apologetic..If there is ever a chance to go back on the show, I will do my very best… Please continue to watch and cheer on Real Man!

Real Man is a realistic variety program, where six male celebrities enlist in the army to experience military life. Despite back pain, Mir courageously went through hard training and excelled in his tasked during his time on the show.

With Mir’s exit, ZE:A’s Hyungsik will appear to fill Mir’s shoes.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ will be making a comeback on June 4.

130602 [NEWS] The army goes wild over Girl's Day on 'Real Men'

Source: allkpop
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

The ladies of Girl's Day set a fire in the army's hearts when they made a surprise appearance on the latest episode of MBC's army variety program, 'Real Men'!

The army barracks had previously chosen Girl's Day as the most popular girl group on the base. Heeding their wishes, the producers and the cast members unveiled a welcome surprise with the appearance of the four beautiful girls in person!

Amid shrieks and cheers, Girl's Day put on a stirring performance of some of their greatest hits, including "Expectation" and "Twinkle Twinkle".

Check out the full episode below! Girl's Day makes their appearance at 25:30 in the second video.

130602 [NEWS] ‘Real Men’ get taste of military boot camp

Source: OhKpop
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

“Real Men”, a reality show about military life, features male celebrities, including Australian entertainer Sam Hammington.
A few male entertainers recently joined the army and it’s the talk of the town. Here is one more clue that will help you understand what the fuss is about: Four of them had already served their military terms and there’s an Australian guy in this group.
The situation is not real. It’s a reality TV show called ‘Real Men’, airing now, with each episode depicting the celebrities’ struggles in getting used to boot camp life while staying with real soldiers at army bases in Korea. The show is becoming a big hit as it draws many viewers to the television. Male viewers can reminisce about their own military experience while watching the clumsy soldiers go through the tough military training under strict discipline. Female viewers, on the other hand, can indirectly experience what life is like at boot camp.
What is it about army life that draws people to the TV and even has the Australian entertainer, Sam Hammington, looking for episodes with English subtitles in the hope of showing them to his mom? Some stories about a Korean soldier’s life in the army are revealed here, so ‘atten-TION!’
Every able-bodied Korean man must serve a two-year military tour. Conscription begins upon receiving a draft notice and after physical examinations, young recruits convene at one of the military training centers across the country. There, they receive four to five weeks of basic military training before being deployed to different troops and bases.
When it is time to part from their parents or girlfriends, recruits with their newly shaved crewcuts drag their feet along the ground and awkwardly salute their heartbroken families standing in a sea of tears, before marching onto the base.
Saying goodbye to loved ones is difficult, but what unfolds at a boot camp will be much more challenging for those who were civilians until a few minutes ago. Newly inducted soldiers first cut off all contact with the outside world, sending their personal belongings such as clothes or watches home with a letter addressed to their parents. They are provided with supplies, including uniforms, boots, underwear and a rifle.
With everyone in the same green uniform and performing the same maneuvers, they learn to act in uniformity, which is one of the critical military values along with discipline and obedience – the oil that makes the entire platoon run like a perfectly timed engine.
Another word to describe the military is routine. Night owls take some time to learn a new habit of getting up and going to bed early every day. To solve the problem, exercising until you are worn out is key to a good night’s sleep.
At the training center and the bases they are assigned to, recruits receive intense physical training to build up their combat capacity. They engage in various training exercises involving personal arms and equipment handling, individual combat techniques, close-order drills, physical fitness training, and live-fire exercises with weapons and grenades. Drills in preliminary rifle instruction, which is a repetition of the actions to get the hang of the correct firing positions, are given as punishment. They also have to stand in a gas chamber with a gas mask in their hands which is rather torturous.
An overnight, 20-kilometer tactical march with weapons and full gear weighing about 40 kilograms is one of the toughest activities. The young soldiers return exhausted with blisters on their feet, eyes brimming with tears and missing their cozy bedroom and homemade soup.
The endless and intense physical workouts increase the metabolism and that is what makes the young guys crave sugar. The most popular sweet snack is “choco pie”, a chocolate cake with marshmallow filling. To get this iconic snack in the Korean military, soldiers would even be willing to convert to a different religion.
Speaking of military snacks, there is one quirky menu option all soldiers look forward to seeing in their tray. It is a hamburger, but not the kind we find at regular burger joints. A mixture of cabbage salad, ketchup, meat sauce, and strawberry jam creates the filling between buns and patties. It is an odd combination of ingredients but even the Australian on the TV show praised it. The hamburger is dubbed ‘gundae-ria’ as ‘gundae’ means military in Korean and the suffix comes from the name of the famous Korean hamburger franchise.
Besides sleeping and furlough, the next best thing to bring comfort to their tired minds and bodies is watching TV in the room each squad shares. Pretty K-pop girl groups become their “girl friends” and at the same time, an ultimate stress buster and taste of civilian life. Privates are not allowed to lie on the floor like higher-ranking soldiers, except at bedtime.
However, watching TV is still their favorite part of the day, even if they can only move their eyeballs. They sit perfectly still, not even allowed to turn their heads and with their hands to remain in their laps. Not the most comfortable way to watch TV, but any chance to relax must be much appreciated.
Everything seems different and life in the army is tough to adjust to, but things get easier and better as time passes and you rise through the ranks. Korean men who have completed their mandatory military service often say that dreaming of walking onto a base to serve a military term all over again is possibly the most terrible nightmare they can think of.
We salute the brave soldiers’ who shed blood, sweat and tears to protect us living in Korea even right at this moment. If there are any curious readers out there who want to make the military-style hamburger at home, I warn you that it is only tasty in the army.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

130521 [NEWS] Mir Drops Out of “Real Men,” Jang Hyuk and ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik Joins

Actor Jang Hyuk and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Shik will be joining the cast of the popular MBC variety program “Real Men.”
On May 21, MBC announced that Jang Hyuk (37) and Park Hyung Shik (22) will join as the new members of “Real Men” and will start filming on May 27. MBLAQ’s Mir, one of the original cast members, will be dropping out due to MBLAQ’s come back schedule.
The “Real Men” production team commented, “Jang Hyuk is known to have had a very diligent and hard-working military service. He is serious and genuine so we thought he was perfect for this show, which is why we kept sending him lovecalls. Jang Hyuk also shared that he watched the show with great interest and has decided to join.”
Jang Hyuk has appeared on various variety programs as the guest in the past such as “Family Outing” and “Happy Together.”
Park Hyung Shik pursued his acting career through dramas like “Nine” and “Sirius.”
Meanwhile, there were talks of Mir leaving the show due to back injuries and upcoming MBLAQ activities but he showed strong will to stay on the show. However, now that MBLAQ is coming back soon, his schedule could not fit in with the show, which left him no choice but to step down.
Source: Soompi

Friday, May 17, 2013

130517 [NEWS] Real Man Members Sing Military Song by Son Jin Young

On a recent episode of MBC’s Sunday Night Real Man, it was revealed that “Son Jin Young, who was interested in composing the military song, finalized it at the Hwa Ryong Battalion.”
It was said that after eating and heading back, Son Jin Young suggested singing the military song “Real Man” that he had made, and the dormitory predecessors along with Kim Su Ro, Suh Kyung Suk and the other members all agreed to his suggestion, including the progressive principles squad leader, who willingly accepted, and they sang altogether.
Son Jin Young’s military song consists of the following lyrics: “If you return from the army you’re a real man. If you don’t go to the army you’re just a man.” One can really feel the emotions Son Jin Young had felt during his army days.
An MBC representative commented, “Resounding loudly throughout Hwa Ryong Battalion, ‘Real Man’ has an unforgettable, addictive melody that captivates the soldiers’ hearts.” They continued, “In addition to the version sung by the six members, we are planning to release an opera choir version as well.”
(Source: nate news)

Source: Drama Fever via Joanne+

Sunday, May 12, 2013

130511 [NEWS] [Recap] The Things We Do for Love – We Got Married 05.11.13 (MIR MENTION)

If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: The Hot, the Sweet, and the Confused
On this week’s episode of “We Got MarriedGo Jun Hee invites the energetic ’91 Line to throw Jinwoon a birthday party, Taemin and So Na Eun reminisce about their middle school days, and Jo Jung Chi makes Jung In (and everyone else) cry!
The Things We Do for Love – This is your weekly Soompi WGM recap.
Here Comes the ’91 Line! – Jinwoon and Go Jun Hee Couple

If you don’t like at least one person from the famous ’91 Line then you probably don’t like K-Pop (no judgement). The ’91 Line is a group of idols who were all born in 1991 and are friends with each other. Members include SHINee‘s Key, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, Kara‘s Nicole, and MBLAQ‘s Mir. There are others from other idol groups but they don’t make an appearance in this episode.
The kids of ’91 Line know how to have a good time and Go Jun Hee called the right people to help with her surprise Birthday party for her husband. Even though the actress towers over the idols, she became very chummy with them. She exchanged very obvious flattery with Mir, found a bouncing buddy in Nicole, and Key, oh key. Key, Key, Kibum, Key. He comes in with his ginormous shoes and becomes the marriage-slash-Jinwoon expert. Mommy Key came out for a little bit (“This is a little weird because Taemin is also a WGM couple…”) but then he went right back to being his fabulous self.
Source: Soompi

Friday, May 10, 2013

130510 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir befriends a terminally ill cancer patient

MBLAQ‘s Mir befriended a terminally ill cancer patient.
Channel A‘s documentary ‘Like A Miracle‘ filmed the story of Kim Dong Hee, a 20 year old who has suffered from cancer since he was in the 10th grade. He was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma and spent three years of high school in and out of the hospital. However, he never gave up on his life and even took the college entrance exam to successfully become a college student. In a tragic turn of events, even when the tumor was removed from his spine, the cancer cells had already spread to his lungs, and he even stopped his chemotherapy treatments.
When Mir heard of Kim Dong Hee’s story, he pushed aside all of his other schedules and requested that wanted to appear on the show. He revealed that when he was young, he had problems with his lungs and he had to be hospitalized for a long time, so he could somewhat relate.
Before they met, Mir prepared a handmade lunch for Kim Dong Hee, making sure to include the meat that Kim Dong Hee loved. They talked for a long time and Mir told Kim Dong Hee to call him hyung. Mir then went on to help Kim Dong Hee as much as he could to fulfill the list of things Kim Dong Hee wanted to do, and even prepared a surprise birthday party.
Looks like Mir really has a heart of gold! The documentary will air on May 12.
Tip: asha
Source: allkpop

Monday, April 29, 2013

130429 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir is Terrified of Syringe Needles

Even a strong army soldier has his fears, and MBLAQ’s Mir revealed that one of his is a syringe needle.
On April 28’s broadcast of MBC’s Real Man, Mir injured his already bad back while doing an army exercise. Although he completed the exercise with success, the pain in his back was too severe that he was carried to the infirmary. 

There, the doctor examined his back and prepared to give a shot to Mir, who realized what was going and politely, but with slight panic, asked the doctor to make the shot not hurt since he was terrified of needles. 

Mir continued to ask the doctor to warn him ahead of time repeatedly with panic trembling in his voice, differing quite a bit from the strong soldier image he showed just an hour before during the exercises. 

Meanwhile, Mir later received special benefits from squad, after getting in touch with SISTAR’s Bora on the phone.
Source: Enewsworld

Sunday, April 28, 2013

130428 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Mir is Saved by SISTAR’s Bora on “Real Man”

When male celebrities return from their Korean mandatory military service, they often talk about the importance of being able to contact popular female celebrities. If the male celebrities want to be treated well by their superiors, an easy ticket is proof that they are close with a popular female celebrity.
Well, on the show “Real Man” MBLAQ’s Mir is currently in the military receiving similar training. It looks like he was put to the test on the broadcast of “Real Man” that broadcast on April 28. The prior week Mir had bragged that he was very close to a lot of girl group celebrities.
Mir tried to call Kara’s NicoleSISTAR’s Bora, and Soyu. However, nobody picked up and his superiors began to give him scrutinizing looks. Mir called Bora one more time, and he was saved because she picked up. The phone was handed to a superior who said that he was a big fan of SISTAR. Bora asked that the superiors around the phone sing one of her songs. The superiors sang “Gone Not Around Anymore.” 
Source: Soompi

Friday, April 26, 2013

130426 [NEWS] MBLAQ Mir's Girl Group Notebook? All Soldiers' Love in One Place

MBLAQ's Mir revealed his connections with SISTAR, receiving love from his fellow soldiers.

In MBC entertainment program "Real Man," the soldiers who finished their training in boot camp were revealed.

The members broke the awkward first meeting by talking about girl groups.

Idol group MBLAQ's Mir caught the attention of other soldiers through the phone numbers of girl group members he had. When he was asked, "Which girl group are you closest to?," he took out his secret notebook.

He was asked, "Is there a girl group member you can eat with if you go out of here?" and he replied, "4minute's Nam Jihyun, SISTAR's Soyoo and Bora, and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon."

To the question, "Is there anyone who would come visit you here no matter what?" he replied, "SISTAR's Soyoo and Bora would come for sure."

At these answers, the soldiers went crazy, arousing laughter.

Photo Credit: MBC
Source: kpopstarz via mblaqattack

Monday, April 22, 2013

130422 [NEWS] 10 Idol Groups to Fill in Super Junior Shindong’s Spot on Radio Show (Seungho & Mir)

From Wonder Girls to B1A4, Super Junior Shindong’s missing spot on MBC FM′s Shim Shim Ta Pa will be filled in by teams of idols. 

On April 20, MBC announced the lineup of special idol DJs that will substitute for Shindong while he tours with Super Junior in South America. 

For the 10 days Shindong will be absent, his juniors will be holding the 2013 Shim Shim Ta Pa K-Pop Festival on the radio show.

Starting from April 22, B1A4’s Baro and San Deul, Girl’s Day’s So Jin and Minah, Teen Top’s C.A.P and Chunji, Rainbow’s Seung Ah and Ji Suk, U-Kiss’ Soo Hyun and Ki Seop, Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Ye Eun, BTOB’s Il Hoon and Min Hyuk, ZE:A’s Dong Jun and Min Woo, MBLAQ’s Seung Ho and Mir as well as Jewelry’s Ye Won and Semi will be DJs each day. 

Meanwhile, Shindong will be participating in the Super Show 5 with Super Junior in South America. 

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
Source: Enewsworld