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Friday, May 31, 2013

130530 [NOTICE] MBLAQ “Sexy Beat” Showcase Wreath Application Guide

SOURCE: MBLAQ’s Offical Cafe 
TRANSLATION: liliceprincess
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

 Title: MBLAQ 5th Mini Album “Sexy Beat” Showcase Wreath Application Guide
This is J. Tune Camp.
We will begin accepting wreath applications for for June 4th 2013 MBLAQ 5th Mini Album <Sexy Beat> Show Case.
Please apply through email if you wish to install a wreath for the day of the showcase.
Application period: Thursday, May 30th 2013 – Monday June 3rd 2013
[Wreath Application Form]
#Subject: [Showcase Wreath Application] Team Name / Contact Info/ Wreath Message
-Team name:
-Contact information:
-Wreath message:
Thank you.

Friday, May 10, 2013

130510 [NOTICE] MBLAQ Official Fanclub 3rd Oversea Membership Guide

**Please note that you have to be part of the official Daum Cafe in order to be able to correctly apply for the membership. You must register a Daum account before you can join an official Daum Cafe and you can find the tutorial on how to do so here. After registering a Daum account, you can then join MBLAQ's Official Daum Cafe, you can find a tutorial on how to do so here.

**Take note that the recruitment period does not start till May 13th and it will close on May 22nd.

**Also, you should check with your bank for the fee for the International Wire Transfer, so it will cost you additionally to send the money. (30,000won for the Application Fee + the fee for International Wire Transfer)
It would be about 27 USD. The majority of the fee is to cover EMS shipping of the items to you.

Also, you should check with your bank for the fee for the International Wire Transfer, so it will cost you additionally to send the money. 
It's harder for International Fans to reap the full benefit of being an Official A+ because we don't live in Korea. But basically you here is a list of the benefit of being an Official A+:

- You're level up in the Daum Cafe, so you can access areas of the Cafe others cannot. (And there will also be an Special 3rd Official A+ board in the Cafe that only 3rd A+ can use.)
- You will be able to see special photos, message, video, etc. that is different from others.
- There will also be special events just for 3rd Official A+ fanclub members.
- You get priority if and when you attend a Music Show. (it's hard to get a seat into the shows & if you're an Official A+ you get prioity over someone who isn't. Fans usually wait for hours to be able to get in and if they set a limit of fans that can go inside, you could be not be allow inside since official fans get prority.)
- You can attend the Official Fanmeeting
- You get a special membership card.
- You get special postcard congratulatory message from MBLAQ.

You also get priority for things such as getting concert tickets, etc. There are also other benefits of being one, but I can't think of anymore right now.

But really, International can not really reap the full benefits of being an Official A+. However, it's a good thing to be one if you're going to Korea. K-A+ who lives in Korea can fully use these benefits because they can go support MBLAQ in person consistently.

(Non-official A+ are also usually refer to B+) 
Info provided by 1015percent@mblaqattack

Source: MBLAQ's Daum Cafe via mblaqattack

Friday, May 3, 2013

130503 [NOTICE] Decorate Phone Screen with MBLAQ! MBLAQ RING Launch Information

Title:  Decorate Phone Screen with MBLAQ! MBLAQ RING Launch Information
This is J.Tune Camp.
May 3, 2013 Star Video Bell Service ‘MBLAQ Ring’ has opened.
Please refer to the following details below.
MBLAQ together with Video Bell exclusive App. MBLAQ Ring!!!
When a call comes, whenever calling please do it with MBLAQ~
★ MBLAQ’s undisclosed videos/pictures
You can meet MBLAQ’s undisclosed pictures and videos you can’t see elsewhere through ‘MBLAQ Ring’.
Now when a call comes, you can decorate your ordinary phone screen with MBLAQ’s pictures and videos.
★ Star’s appearance fills the screen
High definition’s shining pictures and videos are optimized for the latest smart phones.
Please enjoy meeting MBLAQ’s member pictures and videos through the full screen.
★ Method of Using
1. Execute Google Play → Search MBLAQ Ring and install
2. Execute Application → Please enjoy MBLAQ Ring after confirmining the number.
3. See more → You can share the videos/pictures among friends who have it installed if you allow Friend Bell.
SOURCE: MBLAQ’s Official Cafe

Friday, March 1, 2013

130301 [NOTICE] MBLAQ New Title Song Monitoring Participation Information (Revised)

This is J.Tune Camp.
In order to select the new title song we are accepting the fans’ valuable opinion.
★MBLAQ will not be participating on the day of the monitor.
- Date and Time : March 2, 2013 Sunday PM 2:00
- Location : J.Tune Camp Practice Room
- Participation Qualification : MBLAQ official fanclub A+ member as well as official fancafe regular member
- Number of Particpants : 100 People
Participation Information
- Application Period : March 1st (Fri) PM 10:00 ~ March 2nd (Sat) PM 1:00
- Selection Announcement : March 2nd (Sat) PM 5:00
-  Application Method : ‘Monitor Application’ at the bulletin board with the format according to application
- Application Format : # Name/Daum ID/Gender/Date of Birth/Contact Information (Please upload as a secret post)
- Selecting Method : In order for an equal age distribution we are selecting randomly on the basis of order of arrival.
Precaution Notice
- In order to prevent a leak of the title song when it’s time for monitoring handphones and electronic devices
will be stored at J.Tune. We request for your cooperation.
We request for lots of A+’s participation.
Thank you.
SOURCE: MBLAQ’s Offical Cafe

Saturday, February 9, 2013

130209 [NOTICE] 13.02.10. MBLAQ's New Year messages to A+s

TITLE: 13.02.10. MBLAQ's New Year messages to A+s
This is J.Tune Camp.

MBLAQ's second hanbok pictorial concept! Bowing Concept^^
MBLAQ members has left some handwritten messages for A+s while having their hanbok photo-shoot.
MBLAQ and A+... so touchingㅠ^ㅠ

Next Week!
We are preparing to reveal the behind the scenes of MBLAQ's hanbok photo-shoot.
Please anticipate a lot~^^

------------------- MBLAQ's Messages -----------------

[Mir's Message]
To. All our A+s♡
Hello everyone~This is MBLAQ's cutie maknae Mir~!!
Without knowing it is already Lunar New Year in 2013 kyukyu,,Happy New Year~!!
During the new year MBLAQ is still working hard in preparing for our album~
With all the waiting don't tell me that everyone has,,has broke their neck while waiting?ke
To let everyone see a better image of myself I have been learning music
I having been learning while thinking about the happiness when I show the outcome to all the A+s!
Recently flu and viruses has hinder lots of people,,-_-
I hope A+s will prevent it early and not suffer~♡
Year 2013 will be MBLAQ and A+s, and also Mir's year,,

[Seungho's Message]
To. All MBLAQ's fans!
The year of snake is coming.
In the year 2013 too we have prepared lots of activities so please so anticipate a lot.
I think what is important firstly is health and secondly is also to keep healthy!
Everybody stay healthy and happy new year!
-from Leader Seungho-

[Joon's Message]
Happy new year everyone..
Stay happy always..
-Oh Young-

[G.O's Message]
To. All our A+s~!
Has everyone been staying healthy~?
Is everyone enjoying the new year?
I really miss you. We will see you really soon through our new album activities ^^
Up until here I hope everyone will spend everyday with lots of happiness!

[Cheondoong's Message]
To. A+
Everybody happy new year
Stay happy~♡
Have lots of good things happening!!

(ps: BLAQ's Style's images are not to be taken out of the cafe so people with accounts please do login to view those pretty photos ^^)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

130123 [NOTICE] Hello. This is J.Tune Camp.

TITLE: Hello. This is J.Tune Camp.
This is J.Tune Camp.

We apologize for letting all the fans worry about what had happened this time.
We will do our best in managing Lee Joon and MBLAQ's future activities.

Once again we would like to apologize to all the fans.
We will become a more developed J.Tune Camp.

Thank you.
Source: MBLAQ's Daum Cafe

Friday, January 18, 2013

130118 [Cloud Notice]★ 'The 1st Love Of Country Walkathon With Seoulite' ★

It is said Rain'll participate in 'The 1st Love Of Country Walkathon With Seoulite', under the sponsorship of Capital Defense Command, in Samchung Park area tomorrow (Sat 19 Jan 2013)

* Date : 19 (Sat) and 20 Sun) Jan 2013 (from 12:30 to 15:30) (He'll attend only on the 19th)

* Walkathon course : Kyungbok High School~Changeumoon~Sukjungmoon~Samchung Park (around 5km)

* This event is for : all citizens of Seoul (all Seoulites) (It will be limited to 1,600 participants)

* Applications are accepted from Jan 3 (Thu) to 18 (Fri)

* Enquiry : Capital Defense Command (02-524-1111)

* Organizers : Seoul Metropolitan City / Capital Defense Command

For further information, click
The list for subscriptions is already closed, but you can attend the event. The event will begin with his cutting a ribbon in Kyungbok High School playground, and he'll complete a full 5-kilometer walkathon after being interviewed.

Please do not make people frown, and I hope many of you will participate and show him how much you love him.
Source: memo-rain

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

130108 [NOTICE] MBLAQ 2011 1st Live Concert e-book “MENinMBLAQ”

This is J.Tune Camp.
MBLAQ’s 1st concert ‘MEN in MBLAQ’s e-book has been released