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Friday, April 12, 2013

130404 [CYWORLD] Kim Youngmi’s Photo Update

Title: MBLAQ Lee Joon-nim^^
Lee Joon-nim gave a visit to Sohaechon~ Cute cool real man Lee Joon-nim^^
SOURCE: Kim Youngmi’s Cyworld

Thursday, April 4, 2013

130404 [CYWORLD] Kim Jaewon’s Photo Updates

Title: April 4th 2013′s Daily Life

With MBLAQ oppa-deul^^

SOURCE: Kim Jaewon’s Cyworld

Friday, March 29, 2013

130311 [CYWORLD] All the K-Pop Yoon Bora’s Photo Update

130312.Episode in Yeouido, MBCmusic [All the K-Pop] recording site!
At today’s recording, entire heart is sure, throwing his whole body real man MC Mir!!
At this rate, can’t help but cherish him fiercly!!+
Finished up the closing…
Production crew prepared a surprise Eyes became round~ at the birthday cake&party hat when returning, determined innocent mischievous kid All K MC Mir!! ♬
MC Mir who said “This is a first for me!!” ! How could we not use special affection! …two days earlier than the original birth date (3/10) but, even so,
MC Mir, happy birthday! ♬

130328 [CYWORLD] All the K-Pop Yoon Bora’s Photo Update

130312.Tuesday in Anyang
MBCmusic [All the K-Pop]!
Finally! Hakyeon&Jiyeon’s end, “Anyang High School of Arts” Special recording!
*Anyang / MC Boom, Bada, Seungho(MBLAQ), Insoo(MYNAME)
*Non Anyang/ MC Jaemin, Seyong(MYNAME)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

130309 [CYWORLD] Abigail Alderete’s Photo Update

It’s (from) the New Years Special but I’m uploading the picture now~ With the cute Hello Venus, Jung Jiwoon and MBLAQ member ^^ I forgot the name ㅠㅠ
Also Jung Yoonjung unnie who I like the most and Lee Hwijae ahjussi keukeukeukeuk
I was sorry to Angela for disqualifying so fast at that time ㅠ.ㅠ hehe Even so~ It’s fine if it was exciting right kekeke ^_^
SOURCE: Abigail Alderete’s Cyworld

Thursday, March 7, 2013

130302 [CYWORLD] MBCmusic All the K-Pop Yoon Bora’s Photo Update

130226.Episode in Yeouido MBCmusic recording site!
All the K-Pop, Performing Arts Hommage-Performing Arts Academy Special!
*Recording/ 2013.2.26.Tuesday
*Broadcast/ 2013.3.05. Performing Arts Academy Chapter 1
2013.3.12. Performing Arts Academy Chapter 2
*Appearance/ 3MC(Boom,Jaemin,Seungho) &
N,Hongbin,Ken(VIXX), Insoo,Seyong(MYNAME)
Kyungri(Nine Muses), Ellin(CRAYON POP), Eunyoung(Two-X),
Zinni(GLAM), Jisu(TAHITI)
Title: MBCmusic [All the K-Pop]

130226.Episode in Yeouido, MBCmusic
Good friends from ‘Anyang High School of Arts’,
Seungho(MBLAQ) & Insoo(MYNAME)
SOURCE: Yoon Bora’s Cyworld