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Thursday, June 6, 2013

130606 [K-Pop Battle] MBLAQ vs. B2ST [VOTE MBLAQ]

Source: Enewsworld
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

After making their debut together in 2009, MBLAQ and B2ST are set to battle it out again this summer with their respective comebacks.

As MBLAQ and B2ST go head to head on the music charts and music programs, we’re having the two idol groups face off in this week’s K-Pop Battle and letting our readers decide who will rule the summer. 


MBLAQ returned to fans after a one-and-a-half year hiatus with an electrifying comeback showcase and the release of its fifth mini album Sexy Beat on June 4. 

The boys underwent a drastic image transformation, as indicated by the teasers released prior to their comeback, however, their latest single Smoky Girl marks a return to the group’s sexy roots. 


B2ST is set to make its official comeback in July, but the group is already making noise with its pre-released track Will You Be Alright?, immediately claiming the number one spot on music charts upon its release on May 29.

The track should hold fans over until the group’s comeback next month, before B2ST dives into their promotions with its two-day 2013 Beautiful Show concert in Seoul from July 20 to 21. 

So which idol group will set the summer on fire? Decide by voting in our K-Pop Battle! And remember you can vote every day for a week, so vote away!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

130416 [NEWS] [ENEWSWORLD Poll] Who is Your Favorite Idol Actor of the Moment? Joon & Thunder are both on the list....

This will be  a hard one for A+...

If your favorite idols aren’t already on the small screen, chances are, they will soon be.

As if the K-Pop world isn’t big enough, idol stars have been steadily taking over the acting world, and it is more apparent today.

For this week’s poll, we’ve rounded up the singers-turned-actors who are either currently starring in a drama or movie or are set to appear in one in the near future, and we’re warning you, the list is quite lengthy, indicating just how crowded the acting world has become.

But we want to know which idol actor is your favorite, so read on and vote!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has been storming the small screen as Yoon Si Hyuk in KBS’ Iris 2, and he recently rattled up the NSS when his true identity came to light in the drama. 

B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun

B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun also stars in the action drama Iris 2, but he plays the good guy NSS agent. 

2AM’s Jo Kwon

2AM’s Jo Kwon has set out to show viewers a different image from his Kkab Kwon self in KBS drama God of the Workplace, which began airing earlier this month.


IU returned to the small screen in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin as the lead character, and if the viewership ratings are any indication, she’s certainly living up to the drama’s name. 

Lee Seung Gi

Idol star or not, we’re throwing Lee Seung Gi into the mix of idol actors as the multi-entertainer recently returned to the small screen as the half-man half-beast Choi Kang Chi in the MBC drama Gu Family Book

miss A’s Suzy

Miss A’s Suzy is holding her own alongside costar Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book as the kickass martial arts instructor Dam Yeo Wool. 

B1A4’s Jin Young

B1A4’s pretty boy leader Jin Young has been cast to play a delinquent son in tvN’s upcoming drama She is Wow

2AM’s Lim Seulong

The 2AM member is set to star in KBS’ upcoming drama Heaven’s Order as the crown prince Lee Ho alongside actor Lee Dong Wook. 

Kara’s Park Gyuri

Kara’s Park Gyuri will shed her goddess image to play a girl pretending to be a flower boy in MBC Dramanet’s Nailshop Paris.

MBLAQ’s Thunder

Park Gyuri will be joined by MBLAQ’s Thunder in Nailshop Paris, who is set to play a flower boy nail artist. 

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa was recently cast in the highly-anticipated SBS drama The Heirs, which also stars Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. 

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi

While his idol peers are holding the small screen down, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi’s new film Passionate Goodbye will premiere in Korea on May 30 before it hits theaters in Japan on June 7.

Which idol actor has you gripped to the screen? Vote now, and remember, you can vote every day for a week! 
Source: enewsworld

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A+ Global Supports Lee Joon Round 2!

A+ Global Supports Lee Joon Round 2!
Everyone please join and when the event opens April 17th we will need your vote! We want Joon to win this so everyone please join so you will know when its updated and can vote!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Korean Gallup polled 1,218 people over the age of 19 nationwide over the course of four days (March 25th - 28th) on their favorite current TV show. 
1. Infinity Challenge 11.7%
2. Dad! Where are you going? 7.3%
3. Yawang 7%
4. Running Man 6.9%
5. Horse Doctor 6.1%
6. Find Strength! Mr. Kim 5.3%
7. 1 Night 2 Days 4.5%
8. Gag Concert 3.7%
9. Oh Ja Ryong is Coming 3.5%
10. Incarnation of Money 3.4%
11. That Winter 3.3%
11. Hundred Year Inheritance 3.3%
13. Iris 2 2.6%
14. It Was Love 2.4%
15. Morning Garden 2.1%
16. Hello 2%
16. Gayo Stage 2%
18. Laws of the Jungle 1.8%
19. Documentary 3 Days 1.5%
20. Samsaengi 1.%
Source: netizenbuzz
Source: Star News via Nate
Cr: 9 @Twitter

Saturday, December 22, 2012

121221 [POLL] ALLKPOP: Doomsday Scenario: Which group do you never want to see end?

It’s 12/21/2012 or better known as the final day of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. If you’re reading this, the world didn’t come to an abrupt end. To celebrate the world not being over, we’ve decided to poll our users on another Doomsday scenario: “Your favorite idol group breaking up
In the end, there is an inevitable end to every group, whether it’s because they get older or it’s because they have personal issues. At their peak, no one thought H.O.TFin.K.Lg.o.d or Sechskies would end. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. Even when lawsuits started flying left and right, everyone believed TVXQ would stay together as 5, while SS501 fans are still clinging to hope that they will see all 5 members together again.
Below are the candidates and my assessment of the feasibility of their breakup in the near future. At the end is a poll where you can vote which group you think will be together the longest.
In order of seniority:
1. Shinhwa – Debuted March 24, 1998
The famous group that lasted for a whopping 14 (15 in March) years without a single member change or exit. Shinhwa is currently the only group to have lasted for so long. They’re getting up there in age, but they don’t seem like they’ll be breaking up any time soon. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
2. Super Junior – Debuted November 6, 2005
Super Junior is often chosen by Shinhwa members as the group that would take the throne of ‘longest-lasting’ idol group after them. Super Junior members themselves express their desire to last as long as they want, and the sheer number of members makes it possible for the group to never have a hiatus even as members rotate through mandatory military enlistment. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
3. Big Bang – Debuted September 23, 2006
Big Bang is also a long-lasting group, having debuted only a few months after Super Junior. The Big Bang members have also picked Shinhwa as the idol group they look up to the most, expressing their want to last as long as possible. They’ve gone through some scandals, but it seems that only made their bond tighter as their teamwork now seems stronger than ever. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
4. Wonder Girls – Debuted February 7, 2007
Wonder Girls saw two members leave and two new ones enter, but they are still one of the biggest girl groups around. Even though recent news of Sun‘s marriage has fans worried about their future, here’s to hoping Wonder Girls will last long. [Breakup Threat Level: Low]
5. KARA – Debuted March 29, 2007
KARA had a few scares earlier with contract issues, but the girls fought their way back and proved themselves to be one of the top groups of the industry anyway. The girls seem to be very close friends with each other despite what rumors say, and good chemistry between members is always the #1 reason for lasting long. [Breakup Threat Level: Low]
6. F.T. Island – Debuted June 7, 2007
When F.T. Island debuted, they were unique concept to the industry – instead of the usual dance-and-sing idol groups, this group decided to showcase their talents and instruments and form an actual band. The concept worked and it’s still working – F.T. Island is one of the top bands today. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
7. Girls’ Generation – Debuted August 5, 2007
Girls’ Generation, as well as every other female group, has the hand over any male group at lasting longer because girls aren’t required to enlist in the army. As the top female group in Korea right now, the road only seems to stretch in terms of possibilities for them. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
8. SHINee – Debuted May 25, 2008
Because of their young image, people seem to forget that SHINee is meeting their 5th anniversary soon and are actually veteran idols. This may be a good image for them, as they always look fresh and have something new to bring every time. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
9. U-KISS – Debuted August 28, 2008
U-KISS is actually a veteran group that debuted long before many other groups, but many forget and are quick to list them as a non-contender. Even after member changes, the group has a steady, solid fanbase, and the fact that they haven’t reached the top of the top yet just gives them incentive to work harder and last. [Breakup Threat Level: Low]
10. 2PM – Debuted September 4, 2008
Some thought 2PM’s popularity would plummet after Jay Park‘s unfortunate departure, but 2PM is still going on strong as a 6-membered group. The group is still standing on top and probably will for a while.[Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
11. 2NE1 – Debuted May 17, 2009
2NE1 had a highly successful career starting from the day they debuted (Perhaps even before that, withLollipop). However, the ladies have been strangely absent from the music industry, putting out just one promotional single in all of 2012. Hopefully, their comeback in 2013 will show everyone that they’re not leaving anywhere yet.  [Breakup Threat Level: Low]
12. T-ara – Debuted July 30, 2009
T-ara is possibly the group that is at the highest risk of breaking as of now with their mix of recent scandals. However, the ladies still put out some of the most popular songs made in the industry and are continuing to be one of the biggest forces in K-pop. [Breakup Threat Level: Medium]
13. B2ST – October 16, 2009
B2ST has pushed up to the top of the list with hit songs every time, and they took the good way out of conflicting music interests by taking solo activities during the group’s break. The group is made up of members who have already failed once, and their passion to succeed as long as they can will be a good force for them to keep lasting. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
14. MBLAQ – October 16, 2009
MBLAQ has always pushed further and further up the ladder of success with every release, and every member works hard to stay relevant even when the group has no music promotions. Even though they have yet to grow up from the ‘Rain’s idols‘ label, room for improvement for a popular group like MBLAQ just means they’ll last longer. [Breakup Threat Level: Safe]
Source: allkpop