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Thursday, June 27, 2013

130628 [SCANS] MBLAQ in 10+STAR tenASIA Magazine Vol.25

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Monday, June 24, 2013

130624 [SCAN] MBLAQ on Japanese Magazine

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

130622 [SCANS] Thunder in Japanese magazine

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Birthday: October 16, 1987
Blood type: A
Height: 179 cm
Shoe size: 26 cm
Favorite café menu: Iced Americano. Other drinks make you fat.
Recent interests: dance
Any food recently addicted to: Coffee, because I’m sleepy.
Favorite clothes brand: Balmain
Favorite shoe brand: Pierre Hardy

What was Seungho recently sad about?
Joon: I have not seen him sad. We are recently filled with happy virus. But I have seen him in pain. In the beginning of this year he hurt his collar bone so he looked painful, but at the PV shooting he took off his cast and moved as though he forgot the pain. I was worried but at the same time amazed.
- What makes Seungho angry?
Mir: When a car is handled roughly.
- When does Seungho look happy?
Cheondung: When he is eating. (laughs)
- What is Seungho currently into?
G.O: Car tuning.
- Is there a side of Seungho that fans should not see?
G.O: He thinks of his car as a family or a lover. (laughs)
Joon: There is a side of him that I want to reveal, rather than something that cannot be shown. He has always been a good pianist, but recently he mastered to play flute. Don’t you want to see a guy playing an instrument?
Cheondung: There is nothing fans should not see, but I want fans to see Seungho talk to a car. (laughs)
Mir: There is nothing fans should not see!


Birthday: November 6, 1987
Blood type: A
Height: 177 cm
Shoe size: 27 cm
Favorite café menu: Iced Chocolate. It makes me feel sweet and refreshing.
Recent interests: Composing. I have been doing it for many years but I never get sick of it and concentration does not lack.
Any food recently addicted to: Coke, it refreshes my mouth.
Favorite clothes brand: I am not interested in clothes these days…

- When does G.O look happy?
Mir: When he waits for the members’ comments of a song he composed.
- What makes G.O angry?
Seungho: When someone makes an insensitive remark about work and when someone arbitrarily judges him.
- What is G.O currently into?
Joon: He is concentrating on composing.
- What was G.O recently sad about?
Cheondung: He does not show when he is sad, but I heard a rumor that he cried seeing a movie. (laughs)
- Is there a side of G.O that fans should not see?
Seungho: His ONs and OFFs are quite different. I mean, the difference between the day he shaved and the day he didn’t…
Joon: He is very manly when he is concentrating on writing songs. Day after day he stays up all night and I think male hormone is pouring out from him. (laughs)
Cheondung: I think his beard grows really fast. So I can’t show him when he is not shaved.
Mir: He is cute when he waits for us members’ comments of a new song he composed, he looks like a child waiting to be complimented. I can’t show that moment to the fans. (laughs) I want to keep that side of him as our secret and maintain his charismatic character.

Birthday: February 7, 1988
Blood type: A
Height: 180 cm
Shoe size: 26 cm
Favorite café menu: I rarely go to café.
Recent interests: Games
Any food recently addicted to: Naeng myun (cold noodles), it is best to eat when you don’t have appetite.
Favorite clothes brand: No favorite brand in particular.

- What is Joon currently into?
Cheondung: Drama IRIS2. I think he is in the middle of shooting right now.
- What makes Joon angry?
G.O: When someone wakes him up.
What was Joon recently sad about?
Mir: I haven’t seen him being sad recently! He is happy playing games. (laughs)
- When does Joon look happy?
Seungho: When he is lying down watching TV.
- Is there a side of Joon that fans should not see?
Seungho: When he comes out of the shower naked. This cannot be seen!
G.O: He can fall asleep when he lies or lays his head on something anytime, anywhere.
Cheondung: Members are honest. There is nothing to hide. (laughs) But when Joon is sound asleep with his mouth open, we cannot show.
Mir: Joon is also into smart phone games. When he is absorbed in it, it is like… from a point of protecting his impression, I should not reveal how he is. I want to protect his charisma.

Birthday: October 7, 1990
Blood type: A
Height: 181 cm
Shoe size: 26 cm
Favorite café menu: Hot chocolate and cocoa. I can’t drink coffee.
Recent interests: Watching movies
Any food recently addicted to: Chocolate
Favorite brand: Balmain
Favorite shoes brand: Jordan

- What was Cheondung recently sad about?
Seungho: I haven’t seen him recently because he is busy shooting the drama “Nail Shop Paris.” I will promise to answer in the next interview.
- What makes Cheondung angry?
Joon: When I take away his cell phone that he always has with him. Just joking. He rarely gets mad, so I don’t think he will get mad no matter what anybody do to him.
- When does Cheondung look happy?
G.O: When he is on the phone with his family.
What is Cheondung currently into?
Mir: Nails. Through a drama “Nail Shop Paris,” he is studying about nails.
- Is there a side of Cheondung that fans should not see?
Seungho: His blind love towards his cat Dadoong is too much…
G.O: He loves his family so much. He looks really happy when he is on the phone with his family.
Joon: He sometimes shows an innocent smile. Oh, this is something that fans should definitely see!
Mir: Surprisingly, he seems to like taking pictures. He takes pictures of himself with funny postures at work, and I have seen him collecting those pictures. (laughs)

Birthday: March 10, 1991
Blood type: A
Height: 177 cm
Shoe size: 26 cm
Favorite café menu: Iced green tea latte
Recent interests: Games. Games make me relax.
Any food recently addicted to: I am trying to eat less.
Favorite brand: Chrome Hearts
Favorite shoes brand: Christian Louboutin

- Is there a side of Mir that fans should not see?
Seungho: People only think of him as a cheerful person, but towards work he is passionate and sincere more than anyone. He is always distressed and tries to tell his opinions. Fans cannot see this, but hopefully someday his effort will get through to the fans.
G.O: He would do anything for his pet snake, like feeding a frozen mouse with no expression of looking disgusted, but he sometimes gets scared of the snake.
Joon: When he is working hard and putting effort into work. Mir is always cheerful and joking around, but towards work he has ambition and works harder than anyone else. It is not easy to show the fans this great side of Mir, but hopefully it can be shown to the fans in some way.
Cheondung: His cheerful and positive personality that fans see is ALL of Mir, so there is nothing to hide!
- What makes Mir angry?
Cheondung: Mir is a positive thinking guy, so I don’t think I have seen him get angry, but if someone takes his collection of comic books he will probably get angry. (laughs)
- What was Mir recently sad about?
G.O: He was sad when his pet snake and turtle became sick.
- When does Mir look happy?
Joon: When he practices rapping. When he writes lyrics in notebook for hours or when he sings in front of the mirror, he is so concentrated that he doesn’t care if anyone talks right beside him. I think he looks so cool when he is like that.
What is Mir currently into?
Seungho: He was given a computer as a gift, and he is setting peripherals by himself to use the computer more comfortably.

2012 was the year of individual activities. This year, group activities will restart!
We asked each member about their increase in individual activities such as acting, appearing in variety shows and unit activity,
- What was the most memorable individual activity?
G.O: Being casted in the musical Gwanghwamun Sonata with Seungho. It was a special experience and I would like to challenge again. I also had an opportunity to be in a TV drama.
Mir: The program Law of the Jungle (a variety show that casts live in a foreign jungle of harsh natural environment) was a once in a lifetime experience…
Joon: I was mainly acting. I finished filming my first starring movie “Rough Play” (TN: I saw this as an official English title for An Actor is an Actor). It will be hitting the screens and I hope many people will go see it.
G.O: After working as an actor in a TV drama, the biggest difference I felt between a singer and an actor was the waiting time. In drama filming, there are always unexpected situations at the set so you will never know when and how your filming turn comes around or becomes cancelled. When filming schedule is confirmed, there are cases that you will wait all day. But there are things to learn during waiting time if you look at the staffs and senior actors acting.
Joon: Yes, if you go in to individual activity, whether a drama or a movie or a variety show, you can get inspired by interacting with other colleagues or seniors. But in the back of my mind I never forget that I am a member of MBLAQ. It is lonely to work as an individual apart from a group who you are always with.
G.O: Joon says he feels lonely but there is an envious job he did! “We Got Married” that Joon was casted in, I would really like to be in it too. Because of our occupation we cannot openly be in a relationship with someone, but in this show, we can be officially be in a relationship even though it is virtual. (laughs)
Seungho: I was a bit envious too. Ahahahaha.
Joon: Usually I am shy. For some reason I am not shy on stage or in front of a camera. So in front of a camera I may seem calm, but if I fall in love in real life I think I will be shy.
Mir: Joon is so popular but he doesn’t realize because he is so shy. I really think he is a cool guy and he is likely to get married first among the members in real life.
G.O: As I watch Joon’s “We Got Married” I observe myself thinking my actions would be different now from the things I have done in the past. I don’t have any comments about Joon, but I think of myself in Joon’s position and think over that I should work hard to become a cooler guy than me in the past.
Seungho: I proudly look at the other members working hard on their individual activities in their own fields. I would never say things like “That action was not good!”
Cheondung: Seungho has always been considerate about the members and leaded us. With him being actually homey, I think he would be the first person to get married.
G.O: I don’t think any of us dislike girls but all of us don’t have many girl friends (TN: not lover, just friends), so no one is good at handling girls. Maybe I am. Just kidding!! (laughs)
Which member is always fun to watch? Introducing the mood maker of the group.
Who is the group’s mood maker?
Seungho: Mir is the funniest person on Earth.
Cheondung: There is no reason but he is so funny!
Mir: I might be too cheerful sometimes… I hope I am not annoying the hyungs? (laughs)
G.O: All of the members are cheerful so it is really funny when we gather.
Mir: I go out with and talk to G.O the most. We released a song as a unit and the other day we went to the movies together!
Seungho: Recently not all of us live together but I live in the dormitory. It was not a group activity period so I went to my home in Anyang.
Cheondung: I see many sides of the members by living together, but I cannot tell you the details. It’s all secret!! All of the MBLAQ members are clean!!
Mir: Yes, we all are. (laughs) I thank the person who cleans up our dorm.
Joon: Like this, everything is in a happy note. (laughs) By being together, happy things double and sad things halves. I feel more secure than when I work alone.
Finally a Japan comeback!
- What do you want fans to especially take notice on “MONA LISA –Japanese Version- ?”
Seungho: By changing lyrics from Korean to Japanese, I think the Japanese fans can directly feel the lyrics. I want the fans to listen to the lyrics.
Cheondung: As I am not used to Japanese pronunciation, it was hard at the beginning, but I think my voice was recorded cuter. (laughs) We worked hard on the MV recording too.
Mir: We did shootings on a super-cold day but none of us showed it on our expressions. I want fans to keep that in mind when watching.
Seungho: I injured myself before the shooting, but I took my cast off during the shooting! Please see carefully and see me bearing the pain. (laughs)
Joon: Since we are releasing a CD for the first time in a long time, it would be good if we can do activities firmly. I want to meet many fans through many stages.
Cheondung: I want to do a live tour throughout Japan to meet many fans.
Mir: And I want to dominate the charts. Personally, I want to become friends with Japanese artists.
Joon: I would like to be casted in Japanese movies and dramas if there is a chance.
G.O: I want to go on a variety program “Guruguru Ninety-nine.” (laughs)
Cheondung: I want to try modeling. There are many fashion magazines in Japan so I would like to challenge if there is a chance.
G.O: I want to gain chances to stand on stages in various genres and get many opportunities to get close to the Japanese fans. We will try very hard in order to do that. Please keep supporting us!

Mir & Seungho
Q. What would be your couple name?
Seungho: Literally “The Leader and the Youngest.”
Mir: Don’t you think “Brothers” would fit us too? I feel secure when I am with Seungho. Hopefully Seungho thinks of me as a real brother. To me, Seungho is truly a real brother.
Q. What did two of you do together recently?
Seungho: We have more chances to appear on TV together recently.
Mir: Rather than appearing by just the two of us, we appear along with other people.
Seungho: When I appeared alone on “Immortal Songs,” Mir came to help and support. I felt really secure.
Mir: We need to have an episodic story ready for us to answer questions like this.
Cheondung & G.O
Q. What would be your couple name?
G.O: I heard Cheondung say he wants to be called “Byunghee-Sanghyun.” (laughs)
Cheondung: G.O and Cheondung are our stage names so I want people to know our real names! Please go with Byunghee-Sanghyun!
Q. Please confess your “thanks to” that you were not able to say.
Cheondung: Since we are in the same group, I never really said the word “thank you.”
G.O: Well then I’ll start! Cheondung hears me out so I always feel grateful. We talk about composing and music these days. He is a really nice kid listening to my endless conversation even though he is tired from his own work.
Cheondung: (flattered) Well I would also like to take this opportunity to say “thank you!”

Joon & Seungho
Q. What would be your couple name?
Joon: “Oomori!”
Seungho: What does it mean?
Joon: Oomori is a Japanese word meaning lots of food being mounted on a plate. Seungho is famous for enjoying eating a lot. He is even called the god of eating. (laughs) Oomori’s pronunciation is cute and it’s fun!
Seungho: That would be my nickname, not ours. Our common point is that we are not cool, so I think “Cool Guy” would be good, with a hope of really becoming cool guys.
Q. What was the happiest gift that you have ever received?
Seungho: A gift… I’m trying to think of one…
Joon: I can think of something that made me happy rather than a thing! When I was having a hard time mentally, he gave me a phone call. The time we talked made me happier than anything and I still remember it.
Seungho: (flattered)
Mir & G.O
Q. What would be your couple name?
G.O: The unit name we used when we released a CD last year in Korea, “G.O & Mir.”
Mir: Oh! There was one that wasn’t used, “Giorgio Armir.” The managers made it up as a joke and it became a hot topic within our office. (laughs) I thought it had a sense of humor and I liked it so let’s use it on this occasion!
Q. Which point do you respect in each other which make you feel “Ah, MBLAQ wouldn’t exist without him?”
G.O: How Mir brightens the atmosphere. You know right away when Mir is around because he is always in a bright atmosphere and there is laughter. Though too bright sometimes. (laughs)
Mir: Sorry for being noisy. (laughs) After all I am envious of our lead vocal G.O’s beautiful voice. He is one of the members who leads MBLAQ’s voice color.

Cheondung & Joon
Q. What would be your couple name?
Cheondung: I have come up with one!
Joon: It’s “Changsun-Sanghyun” right? (laughs)
Cheondung: Yes! Again, to let people know our real names. (laughs)
Q. When do you feel glad to be in the same group?
Cheondung: When Joon appears on TV dramas and variety shows, I feel proud!
Joon: Cheondung looks good in any clothes because he has a good figure. I might look good too if I am in a same group with such a person. (laughs)
Who is Your Ideal Girl? MBLAQ’s Ideal MONA LISA Q&A
Love is… : Love!
What do you ask for in women: 1. Smile 2. Affection 3. Confidence
Ideal girl’s personality: Someone that other women would idealize.
How should she dress: Like me.
Favorite scent: Fresh scent
Favorite gesture: When she smiles when our eyes meet.
Where do you look first when seeing a girl: Height
First thing you do to a girl you might like: Make an appeal with an attractive greet.
Seungho’s Ideal MONA LISA
Love is… :  The truth!
What do you ask for in women: 1. A heart that loves me 2. Lovableness 3. Good cook
Ideal girl’s personality: Someone who understands me well.
How should she dress: Not just one style, but someone who’d look good in any outfit.
Favorite scent: Good scent
Favorite gesture: When she eats food really deliciously.
Where do you look first when seeing a girl: Expression
What do you do to a girl you might like: Make a direct move.
Mir’s Ideal MONA LISA
Love is… :  Love!
What do you ask for in women: 1. Lovableness 2. Homeliness 3. Motherhood
Ideal girl’s personality: A good wife and a wise mother
How should she dress: Casual
Favorite scent: Fresh scent
Favorite gesture: When she looks after others.
Where do you look first when seeing a girl: Eyes
What do you do to a girl you might like: I will just be myself.
A turnoff: When she is rude.
Cheondung’s Ideal MONA LISA
Love is… :  Heart-pounding!
What do you ask for in women: 1. Comfort 2. Lovableness 3. Innocence
Ideal girl’s personality: Someone like my sister
How should she dress: Clothes that match mine.
Favorite scent: Soap scent
Favorite gesture: When she laughs
Where do you look first when seeing a girl: Eyes
What do you do to a girl you might like: Make an appeal by showing myself.
A turnoff: When she curses.
Joon’s Ideal MONA LISA
Love is… :  An obsession!
What do you ask for in women: 1. Someone who likes me 2. Someone who only obsesses over me 3. Someone who will only look at me
Ideal girl’s personality: Someone like me.
How should she dress: Comfortable and not too flashy
Favorite scent: Good scent
Favorite gesture: When she shows her love to me.
Where do you look first when seeing a girl: Facial feature
What do you do to a girl you might like: I will try to make a cool eye contact when greeting.

The Korean Musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata” held at Meijiza, Tokyo in January ended with a success. Seungho and G.O performed their role as Kang Hyungwoo, an aggressive yet warm-hearted student activist leader. “Gwanghwamun Sonata” is a story of a sad love triangle between a famous composer Sanghoon, Yeojoo – a book store staff who later gets scouted by Sanghoon and becomes a popular singer and Hyungwoo – a junior of Sanghoon who also falls in love with Yeojoo. Since it was Seungho and G.O’s first challenge to a musical, apparently it became a special work for them.
- Which are you actually close to, “aggressive Hyunwoo” or “shy but dedicated Sanghoon” when it comes to romance?
G.O: I am aggressive and also dedicated. I comply with woman’s feelings so I am a mix of a little bit of both.
Seungho: I am also aggressive. I am totally opposite from Sanghoon and I cannot hold my feelings in my heart. I would become frustrated so I would tell the girl my feeling straight forward.
- If you become involved in a love triangle as in “Gwanghwamun Sonata,” would you be able to give up the girl to another guy?
G.O: No I can’t. But I think the girl’s feeling is important, isn’t it? She cannot fall in love with two guys.
Seungho: If a girl is like that, that person has a problem. (laughs)
G.O: In any case, I can’t give up a girl I like to Seungho, just because he happened to like her too!
Seungho: If I truly like her, I would let the girl make a decision. I would not give up from the beginning, because the girl’s decision will affect my life! You might marry her. (laughs) If you really like her, it would happen.
- A while ago, G.O said on TV that Seungho stole his girlfriend.
G.O: I told that story as a joke. I didn’t actually steal a girl who Seungho was in a serious relationship with. I just wanted to tell a funny story and it got exaggerated. When you are a student, rather than a serious relationship you joke around between friends saying “do you want to date,” right? It was that type of relationship.
Seungho: Because of that story, I became a bad guy. (laughs)
G.O: I won’t do it anymore. (laughs)
Seungho: Hyungwoo has a unique and wild way of approaching girls.
G.O: Yes. I often used to think “I must do this” or “Would this make her happy?” but now I just act by instinct. Something you get by pushing too much will be lost quickly. It is better when you know someone for a long time and naturally leads to relationship.
Seungho: People always think that I am a scary person that I even have a nickname “Devil.” (laughs) I am abrupt and apparently talk scary, but I am not like that to a girl I like.
G.O: It is because Seungho only shows his true character to people who are close to him. Actually, Seungho is very cute.
Seungho: But I will not go around showing aegyo. (laughs) I can’t do it! (in Japanese)
- Have you discussed about the role you played in musical? Is there anything that helped each other or thank?
G.O: Usually Seungho is more like Hyungwoo.
Seungho: Because I’m the bad guy? (laughs) G.O is a very gentle guy. He talks softly, and it is totally opposite from me.
G.O: So I watched Seungho to create Hyungwoo’s role. It was my first musical in my career and I would have felt behind if I was alone but Seungho was with me and I felt secure.
Seungho: Hyungwoo’s part had many appearances in the musical so it was hard to remember the lines.
G.O: There were many songs too.
Seungho: We practiced by taking turns to read Hyungwoo’s lines and other characters’ lines.

G.O: When we had time in our dormitory or at a hotel we read lines about an hour to two hours a day.
Seungho: Even when we were passing by we would jokingly say Yeojoo’s lines. (laughs)
G.O: We got accustomed doing such things and it was interesting that lines would naturally come out in a daily conversation.
Seungho: That’s how we gradually grew into Hyungwoo.
G.O: We also practiced guitar together.
Seungho: We used talk and say which scene suits G.O and which song suits me. G.O is the main vocal of MBLAQ so I hardly sang the songs in original pitch. So he first sang the song for me and gave me lots of tips.
- Did you see each other’s performances?
G.O: I couldn’t see even once. My casting was first in both Osaka and Tokyo.
Seungho: I saw all shows in Osaka. G.O’s performance got better each time. How should I say, I thought musical was a way to show a different side that can’t be seen in the MBLAQ activities. I can say this because we are considered as an honest group who would show our natural style in variety shows, in musical G.O showed a new side of his usual style even more than such shows. We live together so I recognized the difference a lot.
G.O: Is that what you thought? You only told me that it was good. (laughs)
Seungho: Men don’t chit-chat. (laughs)
G.O: We talk a lot when we talk about games!
Seungho: Make compliments short. (laughs)
- Were you always interested in musicals?
G.O: To tell you the truth, I wasn’t particularly interested in it. Because my singing skill is still immature, I never even thought of doing a musical. But I decided to make a challenge because it was time to overcome a limitation.
Seungho: I majored in acting in school. At that time I wasn’t interested in musical. I liked dancing more than acting so I eventually chose to be a singer. But given a chance this time, through practicing for a long time and being on stage, I regretted for not doing it earlier. Right now I enjoy doing musical a lot!
- Is there a role you want to play in the future?
G.O: In musical, lighting and other equipments will make the character stand out and look cool so I want to play a manly and cool role.
Seungho: G.O is always cool on stage.
G.O: (laughs) See, that’s what I am grateful about. Even if you are not cool, the character and the equipments will make you look cool.
Seungho: Through this musical, I really feel my acting ability has improved, and when I am a bit older I definitely want to act as Jinguk (Sanghoon’s producer who takes good care of Hyungwoo)! As I watched this character I learned that acting comically is a very difficult thing to do. Fortunately, my role was Hyungwoo whose character is close to mine so I was able to grow into him by making efforts, but acting comically requires technique, practice and also sensibility. In “Gwanghwamun Sonata” the saddest scene for me was Jinguk and Jeongsook’s scene. There wasn’t any sad song like Hyungwoo’s sad scene, but their emotions were expressed only by acting.
- Please give a message to Japanese fans.
G.O: I always appreciate Japanese fans who give us unchanging love and support since the Japanese debut. I want to respond to your expectations by doing more various activities in Japan. Please keep supporting us.
Seungho: This year, I think us 5 MBLAQ members will have more chances to meet you!
- Let’s look forward to the future activities of the two men who advanced into musical industry!

Scans from @bblunagd + @kyamaniki_87.
Translation by MMoto0407