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Saturday, June 15, 2013

130615 [BLOG] IVY’s Photo Update

Source: IVY’s Blog via absolutemblaq
Reuploaded: blaqrain@mblaqwithusa

Saturday, May 25, 2013

130524 [BLOG] Noh Hyejin's update with Seungho

Seungho is a hair designer possibly ^^*
Source: Noh Hyejin's Naver Blog
Translated: ☆sunshine @

130526 [BLOG] Noh Hyejin's update about MBLAQ

Memories with MBLAQ children..

Hair-Noh Hyejin

Monday, May 20, 2013

130520 [BLOG] Ham Kyungshik’s Blog Update: MBLAQ Asia Tour in Japan

Title: [Azurer Ham Kyungshik] MBLAQ Asia Tour in Japan
[omitted irrelevant stuff] Also, this is from last summer.
Starting from here is the waiting room

Usually we do the setting when we arrive at the performance site early, there is a little rest time in between eating. Seeing the kids that can’t be still for even a little while,,trouble(?) struck this day
Hair designer G.O.
Staff’s hair made into explosive hair…,,,,,,,,,,,,,ke

With G.O’s hair styling, make-up is Seungho

Two designers planning a different artwork..!!
I’ve talked about this once before but Seungho and G.O seem to be really good with their hands.
<Seungho especially really has an aptitude for make-up,,ke
He drew the eyeliner Seems like they can’t do it for themselves but when they doing it for other people they do really well.hehe
G.O…..just worked hard to do the He  really worked hard with his own personal style.
ke Anyway the Asia Tour in Japan posting has fnished!!!!
I’ll find other pictures and come again to put them up~~

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Source: YT wooriseungho/onlyMBLAQ1/naomir0310/withmir0310/sakushong