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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

130626 [NEWS] ′Nailshop Paris′ to Air Overseas

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Park Gyuri′s Nailshop Paris will soon be airing around the world.

The drama, which airs through MBC Queen and MBC Dramanet, has been sold to various countries.

China and the Philippines have also shown interest in the drama, and many others have been giving positive reviews.

America and Canada has even been providing video-on-demand services with English subtitles.

Officials say Kara′s Park Gyuri and MBLAQ′s Chundoong have been towing the drama to its success overseas. As a member of the popular Kara, Park Gyuri especially affected decisions to purchase the rights for the drama.

Nailshop Paris will start airing in Japan from July 14 on DATV. It will air for 12 episodes, two more than its running in Korea, with more previously unreleased material.

The drama has been running to favorable reviews in Korea.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

130620 [NEWS] Thunder explains he dyed his hair pink to keep a promise with fans

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A lot of fans were shocked when they saw Thunder's new pink hair for 'Smoky Girl', but he apparently did it to keep a promise to his fans.

He was a guest on SBS Power FM's 'CulTwo Show', and he was asked about his new hair color. He revealed, "I actually did this as a promise to fans. When I saw miss A' Jia's hair [for 'Bad Girl Good Girl'], I promised I'd have the same hair to my fans. I was finally able to keep my promise after 3 years."

Looks like Thunder really takes his promises seriously! What do you think of his pink hair?

Friday, June 14, 2013

130614 [NEWS] Dara prepares an 'egg feast' for her little brother Thunder + Pic

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Dara tried her best to make a feast for her little brother, MBLAQ's Thunder.

We all know how much Dara adores her little brother, and she made sure all of her fans knew what kind of effort she put for him. She wrote, "I just woke up a little while ago. My mom was out, and Thunder suddenly came home. It looked like he finished his dry rehearsal, but he said he had to go out again after he ate... Hmm.. I'm not very good at cooking, but I decided to make him food!!! The menu is~ eggs!!! ^.*v".

She kept writing, "But!!! Thunder was worried and asked me, 'You're going to make it with the shells in it again, aren't you?'. Gasp.. It's because I've made eggs with a bit of shell inside it before... ^^;;;; I told him it was a mistake and I did my best today!!! ^_^ I also made him Vienna sausages as a bonus!".

She added, "I put out the side dishes our mother already made and the fantastic big-noona meal was ready!!! Thunder asked me two questions. 'Did you forget to put salt in the eggs..?' @.@. 'Is this fully cooked?' Hahaha he kept doubting me keke. But in the end he didn't leave anything and ate it all before he left ^_^v".

She concluded, "The meal that big-noona prepared for her dongseng who wanted to eat home food. It's lacking because I was in a hurry to prepare it because we didn't have time, but eat well and do well on the 'Music Bank' stage today!!! ^_^v Fighting~".

Looks like Thunder really is lucky to have Dara as his older sister!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

130611 [NEWS] MBLAQ's Thunder and Mir talk about their sisters' appearance

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MBLAQ's Mir and Thunder may both have older sisters in the entertainment industry, but the two of them have incredibly different outlooks on their sisters.

On the June 10 installment of 'Beatles Code 2', Thunder was asked if he thought his older sister, 2NE1's Dara, was pretty. He answered, "When I see her at home, I don't think she's that pretty. But when she's on stage with the others, I think she's really pretty." The MCs joked, "Are you saying the other female celebrities are ugly? Like Girls' Generation?". Thunder quickly corrected himself and stated, "I mean that since she's so pretty even among pretty people, I realize she's very pretty."

However, Mir thought the exact opposite! On his sister actress Go Eun Ah, he said, "My sister is the worst of the worst". When the MCs repeated what he said, he emphasized, "The worst of the worst of the worst! Even when my mother sees my sister at home, she says, 'There's a hobo over there'."

Still, Seungho chose Go Eun Ah as being closer to his ideal type, and Lee Joon said he'd pick Dara out of the two. As for G.O, he chose Dara because he saw Go Eun Ah and the rest of Mir's family too often.

Monday, June 10, 2013

130610 [NEWS] 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder: Who’s the Real Dongseng?

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MBLAQ’s Thunder recently showed off his “manner legs” towards his sister, which is drawing the attention from the public.
On June 9, Sandara posted couple pictures she took with her brother on her Twitter, “Even today, we are the warm-hearted siblings! Dara & Thunder.”
She later posted, “My Thunder, who showed some ‘manner legs’ for his petite-sized older sister! Oi! Who’s the dongseng?! Smile.”
Inside the left picture, Thunder shows off his “manner legs” by spreading his legs to create the illusion that there’s not much of a height difference with his sister. The right picture shows the result of his consideration.
Meanwhile, MBLAQ made a comeback on June 4 with its 5th mini album “Sexy Beat” and is currently promoting the title track “Smoky Girl.”

130610 [NEWS] 2NE1's Dara poses with her brother, MBLAQ's Thunder

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It's well-known that the resident sibling duo of K-Pop, 2NE1's Dara and MBLAQ'sThunder, share a very close relationship. Dara confirmed it even further earlier today with a cute couple-like photo!

"Even today, we're close siblings!!! Dara and Thunder ^.^" she posted to her Twitter. With the younger brother displaying his shocking pink hair and the older sister shooting off a cute V-sign at the camera, the two siblings laid claim to one of the best-looking brother-sister couples in K-Pop!

130610 [NEWS] Thunder and Mir shares their sibling affection: 'My Noona, Sandara Park, Is Beautiful Even In The Midst Of Pretty People'

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Thunder, “Noona Sandara Park, Beautiful Among Celebrities”

MBLAQ‘s Thunder gives an honest remark about 2NE1′s Sandara Park.
On the broadcast of “Beatles Code” on June 10th, MBLAQ came as guest stars as they start their promotional activities for “Smoky Girl.”
Recently, Thunder lived in the same house as Sandara Park (T/N: Probably their family home. Dara and Thunder usually stay with their group members at their company residences while promoting) while doing his recordings. He said, “When she’s made-up and among other celebrities, I get impressed and think that my noona is very pretty, but I also thought that even at home (T/N: Probably he means even when she’s dressed simply and bare-faced), she’s still beautiful,” he revealed. He continued, “Even standing amongst pretty people, my noona still looks very beautiful,” he said, showing his pride for his sister, and boasting of their close friendship.
On the other hand, Mir said of older sister, actress Go Eun Ah, “My noona, Go Eun Ah, is really bad,” he said, “There was never a time that I thought she was pretty,” giving the words of how most siblings see each other.
After this, the MBLAQ members held an impromptu popularity poll for the twoMBLAQ noonas, Sandara Park and Go Eun Ah.
Meanwhile, Thunder and Mir‘s “Noona Love” can be seen on the broadcast of “Beatles Code 2” on the 10th, at 6:00PM.
T/N: On the screencap, the captions with Thunder says, “Pretty even among pretty people.”

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

130605 [NEWS] Sandara Park Wants You to Watch Her Brother Thunder’s Drama

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Aw, sibling love! 2NE1‘s Sandara Park enthusiastically supported her younger brother, MBLAQ Thunder‘s current drama, “Nail Shop Paris.”
On June 5, Sandara tweeted, “As I’m drinking this miraculous beverage, I am watching ‘Nail Shop Paris’ real-time. Let’s support Thunder. Right now, this moment, right now.”
She also tweeted a funny photo of what seems to be a parody of a beverage advertisement. The caption above her photo reads, “100% Effect! Just by drinking this, ratings for the first episode will soar!” and the caption below the photo says, “A mysterious and amazing, miraculous beverage. From, Thunder’s Older Sister.” In the photo, Sandara is holding up a sign that reads, “‘Nail Shop Paris,’ I love you.”
Even in last May, while Sandara was at a college festival event, she tweeted, “It was so fun going around college festivals this spring. Now I am home and watching ‘Nail Shop Paris.’ It’s on the channel, MBC Queen.”
Despite Sandara Park’s busy schedule, she always finds time to watch the her little brother’s drama and tweets about it to support it. It has also been reported that she sent lunchboxes that she made herself to the cast and staff of the drama.

Monday, May 13, 2013

130513 [NEWS] Thunder Tests His Fear of Heights in Nail Shop Paris

Netizens have been talking about nail artist Jin, played by MBLAQ’s Thunder, who melted away women’s hearts with his charm in the third episode of Nail Shop Paris.
Recently on set, Thunder revealed his emotional acting skills by taking on a different role of Jin, who is usually brightly smiling, surprising the entire staff. In one scene, Thunder’s character goes to the rooftop of a building to rescue a customer who is in danger.  The perilous scene was captured on a skyscraper building as the staff watched Thunder focus on his acting despite the fact that he felt dizzy and was afraid of heights. He received praise for his bravery.

(Source: nate news)

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Friday, May 10, 2013

130510 [NEWS] MBLAQ gives another possible hint at comeback: Thunder goes hot pink

It looks like MBLAQ is getting closer and closer to comeback, because Thunder has now dyed his hair a bright hot pink!

Not many can pull the look off, but Thunder was an exception as he looked good with his new hot pink color. Just like Seungho, his new hair color may signify that the MBLAQ comeback everyone’s been waiting for may be just around the corner.

With 2NE1 also rumored to be having a comeback soon, we may just see Thunder and his older sister Dara promoting at the same time!

How do you like Thunder’s new hair?
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

130507 [NEWS] New Gender-Bending Drama: “Nail Shop Paris”

If you like dramas in which a girl pretends to be a boy, there's a new one to watch. And since its about manicures and pedicures, you may want to watch it while having your nails done.
In the new drama, "Nail Shop Paris," Hong Yeo Joo is the writer of an Internet novel who disguises herself as a boy so she can work in a flower boy nail shop. Since it's such a desirable place to work, the attractive men that work there probably earn decent tips.
Park Gyrui, the leader of the girl group Kara, plays Hong. It has been a while since Gyuri was seen in a drama. She has not had more than a cameo since her small role in the 2002 drama "Ladies of the Palace" because she was focusing on her musical career. But this role seemed like good timing.

"During our successful career as Kara thus far, I always wanted to go into acting when I got the chance so I could not pass up on this opportunity," said Gyuri.
Playing a girl playing a boy is a big challenge for a rookie actress but she is embracing it.
"From similar roles I have seen over the years, I know it will be an interesting character to play," said Gyuri. "I have dressed up as a man in a variety show so it's nothing new. I am looking forward to breaking away from my girly girl image."
In this drama, she is surrounded by several attractive young actors, including Jun Ji Hoo as Alex and Song Jae Rim as Kae.
Jun Ji Hoo previously appeared as Son Ja in "New Tales of the Gisaeng" and a student in "God of Study."
Song Jae Rim appeared as a student in "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" and warrior Jin Chae Woon in "The Moon Embracing The Sun."
Filling out the drama's kpop credentials is Cheon Dung, also known to his fans as Thunder. The MBLAQ member plays a charming and very likable flower boy nail artist.
Also starring in the series are Byeon Woo Min, who plays Woo Min. The veteran actor has appeared in dozens of dramas. Rounding out the cast are Kim Chae Yeon, who will appear in the drama, "Sincerity Is The Way Of Heaven," and rookie actress Han So Young.
Park Soo Chul will direct. Sung Min Ji is the writer.
There's no need to bite your nails while waiting for this drama to begin. It started this week. You only have two episodes to catch up on.
Source: kdramastars

Saturday, May 4, 2013

130504 [NEWS] [Poll] Readers Declare 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder Are Best Looking Siblings

Last week, we asked you which pair of K-Pop siblings boasts the best genes, and it was no competition for 2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder, who took the top spot in the poll.

By the poll’s end, over 12,000 votes were cast, and brother-sister pair Thunder and Sandara Park took the lead, picking up 34.9 percent of the votes.

Sisters Jessica of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Krystal of f(x) came in second place with 17 percent of votes, while Kim Hyung Jun and Allen Kibum took third with 14.7 percent. 

Meanwhile, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and Park Yoo Hwan came in fourth place with 11.2 percent of votes, and the Boyfriend twins, Kwang Min and Young Min, followed in fifth place with 10.9 percent.

MBLAQ’s Mir and Go Eun Ah, Joo and BTOB’s Ilhoon, Block B’s Zico and Speed’s Tae Woon, and Akdong Musicians rounded out the bottom four. 

So, what did the voters think?

For some voters, even their biases didn’t stand a chance against Sandara Park and Thunder. 

One user, mnet (no relation to Mnet, the channel) admitted, “They′re not my bias but i admit they′re the best genes for me - THUNDARA!”

While others, like Joselyn Aplus solved their indecisiveness by taking it one day at a time. She commented, “2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder <3!!!... Tomorrow I will vote for Mir and then for Hyung Jun kekekeke xD.” 
Source: Enewsworld

Friday, May 3, 2013

130503 [CLIP] [ARIRANG ENTERTAINMENT] Drama 'Nail Shop Paris' with handsome nail artists [ENGLISH]

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130503 [NEWS] The reason why mblaq’s cheondoong said “kara’s gyuri is a fool”?

The reason behind MBLAQ’s Cheondoong’s exclamation that “Gyuri is a fool” has been revealed.

The main characters of MBC QUEEN’s new drama “Nail Salon Paris ~Love Starts from the Fingertips~” (also knows as “Nail Salon Paris”), KARA’s Park Gyuri, Jun Jihoo, Son Jaerim and MBLAQ’s Cheondoong, appeared on MBC QUEEN’s “TALK CONCERT QueeN” which was broadcasted on 2 May in Korea.

During the programme, MC Yoo Younghoon posed a question, “How would you define Gyuri as an actress?”. Jun Jihoo answered, “Gyuri is like a vitamin drink,” because despite the hectic schedule, her passion allows her press on tirelessly.

Son Jaerim described, “Gyuri is a very nice and hard working person. Her determination to work hard surpasses everybody. She has become a good source of motivation to me.”.

Cheondoong answered, “Gyuri is a fool,” causing the studio to explode into laughter. However Cheondoong explained further, “She is an really great person, someone who is addicted to practising . When we are all tired and taking a nap, she continues to practise her script. A fool who thinks of nothing but practising.” 

The first broadcast of “Nail Salon Paris”, which Gyuri, Jun Jihoo, Son Jaerim and Cheondoong are acting in, will be on 3 May at 11pm on MBC QUEEN. The first and second stories are scheduled to be shown consecutively on the first day of the broadcast.
Photo: MBC QUEEN broadcast capture
Source: kstyle
Translation: melllllly@tumblr/_breakit@twitter

Thursday, May 2, 2013

130502 [NEWS] Kara’s Park Gyuri Promises to Give Free Hugs If Dramas Reach 5% in Ratings

With a new drama to begin, Kara’s Park Gyuri made a promise in exchange for high ratings.
In a recent recording of MBC QueeN’s Talk Concert QueeN, the cast of MBC QueeN’s new drama, Nail Shop Parisappeared as guests, including Park Gyuri. 

Talking a little about the drama, where she disguises herself as a man to get hired, Park Gyuri made a problem to viewers.

“If ratings reach 5 percent, I will give free hugs to fans,” said Park Gyuri.
Her co-star, Song Jae Rim added, “If the ratings really exceed five percent, then the drama’s four main actors will all give free hugs to 100 people in Myungdong.”

More on Park Gyuri’s promise will be revealed on the show on May 2. 

Meanwhile, Nail Shop Paris will premiere on May 3. 

Photo Credit: MBC QueeN 
Source: Enewsworld

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

130501 [NEWS] Thunder walks in on Gyuri showering on ‘Nail Salon Paris’

‘Nail Salon Paris‘ has released a collection of trailers.

The trailer features the main characters Gyuri, Jeon Ji Hoo, Song Jae Rim, and Thunder.

In one hilarious cut, Thunder walks in on Gyuri showering, making her scream, drop her towel, and hurriedly cover her body. In another scene, Jeon Ji Hoo asks the cross-dressed Gyuri if she’s gay, and another where Thunder gives plenty of fanservice through aegyo.

The drama will start airing on May 3, check out the trailer below!
Source: allkpop

130501 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Thunder Becomes a Nail Artist

Recently on the MBLAQ’s agency J. Tune Camp’s Twitter, two photos of Thunderwere uploaded.
In the first picture is Thunder at a nail shop. He is hard at work as he decorates someone’s nails.
In the second photo is the final result of Thunder’s impressive work.

Thunder is currently training as a nail artist for his upcoming MBC QueeN drama
Nail Shop Paris.” He will be playing the role of “Jin,” who is the youngest nail artist at the nail shop.
Thunder’s nail art instructor stated, “He works really hard, and he is especially great at drawing flowers.”
To his teacher’s compliment, Thunder replied, “As I learned to do nail art, I found it to be delicate work.
I liked it. I think some people are born with the talent. I, however, am not one of them. I had fun, but that isn’t enough.”
Thunder continued, “I am a quiet and calm person, so playing ‘Jin,’ who is full of aegyo and outgoing,
was difficult. However as the filming started, I became more accustomed to being ‘Jin,’ and
I myself have become more outgoing. I think this is one of the positive things I gained from this drama.”
“Nail Shop Paris” will start on May 3, 2013.
Source: soompi

Monday, April 29, 2013

130430 [NEWS] Why did Gyuri cry while recently filming for ‘Nail Salon Paris’?

KARA‘s Gyuri burst into tears while filming for ‘Nail Salon Paris‘!
In the middle of filming on April 23, the power suddenly went out, shocking all the actors on set. After a tense
moment, the lights came back on and the mood quickly changed to a pleasant surprise when the staff members
walked in with cake and stated to the actors, “You did well“. All the actors were dumbfounded, but Gyuri
especially sank down to the ground and burst into tears.
It was Gyuri’s first project in the leading role, and she had a special fondness for the drama in her heart.
When she couldn’t stop crying, Jeon Ji HooSong Jae Rim, and Thunder all tried their best to console her.
She’d expressed her sadness and gratitude at the final filming of the drama over her Twitter recently.
The drama will begin airing on May 3 through MBC Queen and MBC Dramanet!
Source: allkpop

Sunday, April 28, 2013

130428 [NEWS] Lee Joon gives an advice to Thunder in acting, “Just do what you want to”

MBLAQ’s Thunder who will be acting for the first time talked about the advice of fellow MBLAQ member Lee Joon to him.
The cast of MBC’s cable channel queen drama, “Nail shop Paris“, Park Gyuri, Thunder,
Song Jae RimJun Ji Hoo,Byun Woo Min, Kim Chae YunHan So Young, and PD Park Soo Chul
attended the production announcement last April 26 in Seoul’s Yeouido CGV.
On this day, Thunder said “Until now, it seems like I will still be in MBLAQ’s concept which is manly and
I’ll be showing off a strong image. I’m like that, and the other members dont have aegyo as well.
Because it seems like I wasn’t able to show much of the smiling me,
I would like to show my happy, smiling look if I have the opportunity this time.”
He was also asked if he received any advice from the members and he said,“I went to ask some
advice from hollywood actor Lee Joon hyung and he told me just to do what I want.
That’s why I just did everything i want to”, he replied while laughing.
Source: Naver via Ohthunder @
Translations: ilove2ne1girls @

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

130423 [NEWS] 2NE1's Dara prepares lunch for her brother MBLAQ's Thunder

2NE1‘s Dara made fans wish that she was their sister by showing the lunch she prepared with love for her younger brother MBLAQ‘s Thunder.

Dara updated fans on her Twitter with the message, “My chic younger brother Thunder received the lunch that noona prepared and personally sent me a selca!!!!!!! >.< This calls for a celebration~ celebration!!! ^.^ Oohjjoojjoojjoojjoo~,” along with a proof shot of Thunder giving his big sister a smile as he holds up his freshly prepared lunch.

Fans commented, “Thunder is handsome,” “It seems their relationship is good,” and “I wish I had a noona who prepares lunch for me.”
Source: allkpop