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[SUPPORT] COMEBLAQ 2013 Streaming Ticket Donation

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mblaqwithusa is joining in to inform you as part of the efforts for MBLAQ’s 2013 comeblaq!
MBLAQ is preparing for come back after an entire year.
Korean fans have already started receiving their bulk buy orders and we were hoping the international A+s to join us.
Our current estimated comeblaq date is June 2013 and judging from the fact that J.Tune Camp is gathering fans to monitor the new album, the comeblaq will be in the first few weeks of June.

We hope lot of international A+s can also take part in our support project.
1. Music Chart Grading System
2. Donation and its purpose
3. International Streaming

1. Music Chart Grading System
There has been lot of changes in the ranking systems of music shows during the year MBLAQ went without any album promotion.
Ingigayo (Popular Song) terminated their chart ranking but they have announced that the ranking service will come back coming March 17th
The ranking of their chart will be through viewers’ votes which will be collected through mobile application of SBS ‘SOTY’ before the show.
(*We will find out if international fans can also vote through the app)
And MBC “music core” In addition, in April announced the Resurrection Music Ranking.
Details on the ranking will be announced separately.

M Countdown
Digital Song Sale 50%
Album Sale 10%
Preference according to age 20%
Global Voting 5%
Broadcasting Scores 10%
sms 5%

Music Bank
Digital Chart Scores
(Digital Song+Mobile : Ringtone and backtone for mobile phones) 65%
View preference 10%
Album Sale Chart 5%
Broadcasting Scores 20%

2. Donation and its Purpose
Paypal : Korean Account: 농협(Agricultural Cooperation Unit) 356-0520-0635-43 정ㅎㅇ
# Minimum Donation Amount : 1,000won (about $1 USD)
(Non-members can also participate)
(Sorry, we can only accept donation through paypal or directly through the Korean account)

# Donation Confirmation →
Category – DONATION – Click
Name of Donor / Amount sent / Date money sent

Donation will be used to buy the streaming tickets for the music charts and buying mp3 files of the songs
(which affects the digital chart ranking greatly)
Any money left over from the digital charts will be used to increase the album sale

The percentage of each ranking charts for digital chart ranks are 50% & 65% and the
Percentage of each ranking charts for album sale ranks are 10% & 5%

These two scores are the fastest and most famous way to increase the ranking of the charts of music programs.
Any albums purchased through donation money will be donated to non-profit organizations or charity groups like always.
We ask for your interest and participation.

If you have questions or comments, please use the Q&A board at

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